How to Make a Nail Art Squared

Do you want to try out from the sun a nail art simple and original? Then follow our simple instructions to begin creating a nice decoration in squares that will make your hands with a little different, both in terms of expenditure and commitment. With determination and firmness, certainly able to give rise to a new and flawless look. Here’s how.
Make sure you have on hand:
2 colored enamels
1 protective base
1 fixative
1 fine paintbrush
Have colorful hands like many women and, for several years now, it is really into fashion and successful. Sometimes, however, turn to specialized professionals can be an extra cost that not all can or want to afford, given the sad straitened times in which we live every day. Prepare your hands eliminating, through a wad of cotton or a cotton swab soaked in a suitable solvent, any residue of previous dye. Dry well then proceed to the stretch the protective base from yellowing, which will avoid future problems to your hands. Wait a few minutes for the product to dry then choose a first colored enamel to be passed entirely on all nails from Healthknowing.
Make a decoration gingham looks relatively simple if you decide to take advantage of the intersection of geometric lines, activities that require considerable sense of precision. But we think first to the equipment required to find: for the realization you will need two glazes in different colors and will, a whitening protective base, a liquid with the function fixative final and a fine-tipped brush.
At the end of your extended wait patiently drying. You must now take the pointy end brush and dip it into the second virtually colorful enamel. With it you will need to draw vertical lines spaced nails. Operate on both hands, and be patient until the color is not practically dry.
He spent the necessary timing, simply Dip, again the brush in the same color, but this time, draw the lines in the horizontal direction, so as to create the nail a figure much like a beautiful grid. Pay close attention to accuracy and try not to make smears. Let dry for the umpteenth time and then completed the job with a fixative liquid final pass: you will notice is that He created on your nails a base monochrome made lively by the appearance of many squares of different tone.