How to Make a Nail Art Striped And Blue Flowers

With the arrival of spring comes the desire to color and joy; What’s more cheerful, for a woman, who have fun with their nails to give vibrancy to an outfit! If you too want to cheer up your day with an original nail art, here’s a guide on how to make an original nail Article striped and blue flowers. Armed with patience and precision, and read on.
Iniza to prepare the nail bed by a natural scrub oil and sugar cane. Massaging the cuticles for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. Dry thoroughly and push back the remaining cuticles with a wooden stick. Stretch out now passed a transparent base, smoothing. In the market there are slightly colored base that looks healthier nail and evens the color.
Leave to dry before proceeding to the french. proceed with a lateral french white. I suggest starting pinkie and continue towards the inside, the rotation it will be more natural. It also leaves dry this color. When will asciano, you can proceed to adjust the half-smile helping with a fine brush tip, or remove any burrs with a remove nail polish pen with wholesale stickers.
Draw an additional blue line just above the white french designed to create a double line. You can decide to two oblique overlapping lines or half white french and a full smile blue, or even, crossing two half-smiles (make white french that starts from right and stops in the middle and blue french that starts from the left and stops at the center).
This system also smile and fix the smears. Let this layer also dry enamel. It’s time to ammarti patience and proceed with flowers. Observe the free space and decide where to proceed with the design. Pick up a bit of enamel, white or blue, the brush with a toothpick and draw five dots in a circle to form the petals. Before the enamel dry, with the clean part of the toothpick, pointing the center dot and drag it a little outward to stretch the petal. Proceed like this for all five petals.
If you want you can draw the corolla with another enamel or with rhinestones. Have fun to draw all the flowers that searching, and the positions they prefer, to enrich their nails. After drying the enamel, passes a transparent hand to fix everything.