How to Make a Nail Art Velvet Effect

Let’s face it, nail art has taken hold at a phenomenal rate, so as to inspire new creations and encourage the market to produce and market equipment and products can give remarkable results even for those engaging in this activity in an amateur, inside own home. A nail art very fashionable and of great aesthetic effect and that in velvet effect. Let’s see how to make a nail art effect velvet, in an optimal manner.
Make sure you have on hand:
Nail art effect velvet
base coat
Ordinary brushes and fan
Velvet of the same enamel color
Sheet of paper
The nail art is able to give the effect called “velvet” is defined in reality “Velvet nail art”, and the result you get and very pleasant. You start preparing your nails, by filing giving it the desired shape and center hole a base coat that will be spread evenly on all the nails, with a normal brush included in the package. The base is needed to prepare nails to receive the nail art velvet effect and many other processes nail art.
After leaving dry the base coat shall be drawn up of nail polish on all nails. Again we will have to let it dry very well the polish and then proceed to the passage of a second coat of the same, and even at this juncture we’ll let the polish dry very well. After about ten minutes you can take the next step. Also to spread the glaze will use the normal brush included in the package.
At this point it is useful and practical to run a sheet of paper under the hand, and start applying the velveteen, by acting on one nail at a time. Still roll out the nail polish and pour immediately after a little velveteen abounding in quantity. Tapping the nail proceeding with the point on the surface of the previously placed sheet of paper so as to drop the velveteen (colored powder), in excess. Fold the paper in half and pour the powder fall in recovering container a good amount that we can use it again. This technique can be done with any of the favorite color enamel and if you are skilled enough it is also possible to derive the nail designs. When the velvet accedes good nail through the enamel and is dry, we will remove the excess powder velvet using aa fan brush, gently blowing on both sides of the finger and around the nail. We proceed to the application of the velvet nail next and so on until you finish both hands. At the end we will recover all the excess powder from the sheet also helping with the brush to fan.
Never forget:
Try to recover most of the excess velvet on a sheet of paper