How to Make a T Shirt Bag

So keep your T-shirt! Do you have a top that you have worn for many years, but what is now for various reasons (washed too hot, too much worn out, even a few kilos fed etc.) is no longer bearable without hesitation? Simply to throw it into the old clothes store or even into the dustbin, you simply do not bring over your heart? You do not have to!
Psyknowhow will show you how to transform your old and beloved T-shirt into your new favorite bag.
You do not need much, except:
The old favorite shirt of course
A wide oblique band (here about 210 cm long)
Sewing thread
If necessary felt , cord or the like for the handle (here 2 x 45 cm)
Scissors or seam cutters
That’s how it works:
Cut the sleeves of the shirt with the scissors or cut off with the seam splitter. Sew theslanting band over the remaining neck and back sections .
Now attach the slanting belt completely around the shirt. Do not forget the handle! It is best to start with a side seam of the shirt and stick to the neckline at the neckline. Then attach 45 cm for the handle and, if necessary, work a cord or felt for strength. Put it on the shirt again and proceed the same way on the back.
In the last step just sew the ground and from the too small (or too big) become favorite favorite shirt becomes a favorite tragetasche! The seemingly useless T-shirt can fully bloom again in its new function!
The creative Textildesigner Evelyn Breuers from the shop Kingfisher had the idea to this great DIY instructions. Here you will find something more about her:
Evelyn studied Textildesign at the Fine Arts Academy in Maastricht. She draws illustrations, embellishes fabrics with embroidery and appliqués, designs patterns and designs, sews, crochets, weaves, screen prints and so on. In short, she can easily have everything the detail-loving and color-filled heart of a DaWanda buyer would like to have.
Accessories of all kinds are their passion.From classics such as jewelery and bags, to hats, aprons, cuddly toys or door closers, she always designs new things and with a bit of luck, you will find the pretty, playful unique that you always wanted to have at Kingfisher.
Accessories of all kinds are their passion. From classics such as jewelery and bags, tohats , aprons , cuddly toys or door closers, she always designs new things and with some luck you will find her the pretty, playful unique that you always wanted to have.
Would you like to send us your instructions?
Then simply fill out the template ( download here ) and send it to us Do not forget good photos!