How to Make a Wall Clock at Home

Did you like? You now only have a few wooden spoons and you’re ready to build a high wall clock color that will brighten any room! Be inspired, make your own clock and choose your favorite colors. Shadow, rainbow sky, it’s up to you! The result? A handy work of art to tell the time!

Finding Hardware

To make your wall clock, you will need universal glue quick setting (eg. Loctite 60 sec Universal), A pencil, a jigsaw, a compass, a sheet of sandpaper, an electric drill, a drill bit 5 mm, a cloth, brush, paint tray, twelve wooden spoons, protective gloves, a ruler, a solid wood piece, a clock, 12 paintings of different color, masking tape and two clamps.

Draw a circle

Place the solid piece of wood on the table and determine, in the center drawing are the two diagonals. When you have the center, draw a circle of 30 cm using a compass.

Cut the piece

Holding the piece of wood firmly with clamps and wearing protective gloves, cut the piece of wood with a jigsaw following the circumference of the circle. Making this wall clock patient demand and perseverance! Cut circles is not the easiest, but you can do it!

Pierce the center

Take the wick of 5 mm and drill a hole in the center of the circle.

Round the room

Round the corners of the room using sandpaper and then clean it with a cloth. This will facilitate the painting!

Divide the circle

Using a metal ruler, divide the circle into twelve equal parts. Each party will determine a schedule section

Covering lines

Cover the lines with masking tape to ensure that other parties are not painted the wrong color. Do not worry if paint splashes! Just wait for it to dry and proceed with a new color!

Paint the sections

Using the brush, paint the inside of each section. Try using colors in contrast to the adjacent sections to mark the difference between them.

Cover the wooden spoons

Take wooden spoons and cover them with masking tape in half.

Paint the wooden spoons

Paint all wooden spoons of the same color as schedules sections. Let dry.

Install clock mechanism

Install the watch mechanism on the back of the wooden piece. You’re almost there!

Paste the spoons on the circle

Once the paint dries, apply a small drop of glue to universal fast setting (eg. 60 sec Universal Loctite ) on the wooden spoons round and press them against the center piece for 60 seconds. Make sure the clock needles can still move around the spoon handles. You would not want them to stop movement of the wall clock that you just make!

You just make your wall clock! Congratulations!

Hang the clock on the wall, and voila! You have a useful and decorative wall clock that will bring your wonderful colors kitchen while showing you the time. It’s also a great gift at a housewarming! Bring an extra dose of color to your kitchen with this towel.