How to Make Black Eye Makeup Look Good

Black and well marked eyes make any more glamorous, sophisticated, woman sexy. Maybe that’s why this look is a feminine passion and there is a multitude of production with black eyes. The most interesting is that these productions are very varied, some for days, others for the night, some more sober, other more festive and cheerful, everything depends on how you match this look.
For the evening a look that is beautiful are the smoky eyes with black shadow and opaque violet, forming a crystal degrade and brightness in the center of the eyelid. It is very easy to do, first you circumvents the eyes with black pencil and a beveled brush you pass spreads in the mobile eyelid and vanishes. Then you pass the opaque violet shadow on top of the eyes and above the moving eyelid and outer corner of the eye and of the smoky purple and black pass light pencil with a brush a little black shadow to remove the marking. Below the lashes with beveled brush, right near the black pencil apply the opaque purple shadow tools. Finally, in the center of the eyelid, with the same finger, apply a crystal shine to finish off the look and make the eyes more bright. Spend extra masks stretcher lashes in black or place beautiful eyelashes. In the mouth lipstick or opaque lipstick pink nude.

But those who think that black eye is just to make the night productions, if you enjoy this look but can adapt it so that it is not heavy for the day. Besides being a beautiful production for tours or parties during the day or less a date where you want to be beautiful and sexy. The smoky black eye with wine shade is a great choice for the day and you even put some shine in the center of the mobile eyelid, but getting a sportier look, just do not overdo the shine, after all this is a visual for day.
Start makeup passing beige pencil just below the brow and in the inner corner of the eyes and then spread with your finger, it opens the eye and helps to let the most enlightened eyes.
In addition to blend the eye passing shadow wine above the eyelid where you applied the black pencil and apply a shadow with glitter or glitter, a preference for a color that does not stand out too much and choose approximate shades of wine, such as eggplant with golden glow, for example, or glitter crystal. Below the lower lashes esfumasse cherry shade, the result is beautiful.
After perfect in his black eye not forget to finalize your production through an illuminating shade near the brow and a black pencil on the waterline. Eyelash curler to make the eyelashes even more sexy and beautiful and black mascara to give that highlight that we like so much closes the visual. So you’re ready to rock!