How To Make Body Chain: Body Necklace

What Is Body Chain?

The famous are always looking for news to update your look and a great choice of jewelry is the Body Chain. It is a paste instead of being used in the neck is used involving the body.It surrounds the neck and crosses over the other on the tummy.

Who invented and launched this trend was the Bliss Lau designer who grew up in Honolulu and graduated in design by Parsons (NY). After finishing college, Lau specializes in costume jewellery creating the Body Chain. The beginning of the dissemination of this necklace of body was on the catwalks of fashion houses such as Givenchy and Alexander Wang. The coolest thing is that anything goes in the trend of Body Chain provided that it is creativity.

Body Chain-A Versatile Accessory

One of the things that draw attention about this piece is the your versatility and can be used since in Beach looks even in fantastic red carpet looks. Among the celebrities who have entered into the Body Chain are Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Candice Swanepoel, Riahanna and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Tips For Putting Together Looks With Body Chain

Who is entering the body chain trend now and got a little lost as to how to use the attachment in your productions will enjoy the tips that we will follow. For the play to win the highlight you deserve whether you use it with neutral colors.

Since you’re using an accessory so daring and that has as much emphasis is better to leave the earrings aside, isn’t it?If you’re going to use more accessories to tip is to invest in bracelets or rings. During the day the tip is to be more basic with your body chain, for the night you can mount looks that have more details such as embroidered pieces, for example.

Body Shoulder Chain

In addition the model through the trunk making an X there is another body chain model that is drawing attention, the shoulder collar. This is a very interesting piece to make up the most basic t-shirt with the face of overproduction fashion. The piece may be more discreet made with thin lines of stones or heavier, careful not to stay with the shoulder too wide.

Tutorial On How To Make Body Chain

After discovering what body chain and who are the famous who are investing in this paste to the body any better than learn how to make the accessory hit of the new season at home, isn’t it? The most interesting is that you can learn how to make this accessory reusing some jewelry that you have left home.

The tip to start making this tutorial is to get some old necklaces you have left and do a body chain. It’s not hard at all and you will find that this piece can’t miss in your closet.

Materials Needed


Antique necklaces (or other accessories that you wish to revitalize)

How To Make

Step 1

Start by opening your old necklaces, leave your tips together so that take the pendants.

Step 2

Then separate the two wires are in 30 cm measures, two more with 35 cm, the other two with 20 cm and three different that have between 4 and 8 cm.

Step 3

Then you should get a yarn that is a bit thicker and add in it a pendant on the end, choose the one you prefer.

Step 4

Select the two streams of 30 cm and 35 cm, collect all forming a wider collar, so you turn to the side will realize that has an uneven format, will be more or less like a banana.

Step 5

Then join the two streams that were made in the previous step with the other wire of the pendant as was done in the picture and you will start to form your body chain.

Step 6

The necklaces that you broke up that has 43 cm should be United in the tip of the pendant in the same way as was done above. Until here we had the back of the necklace.

Step 7

The best way to finish and leave with a more charming the your body chain is getting smaller wires of 4 to 8 cm which should be stuck in the middle of the junction of the two parts.

Video Of How To Make Body Chain

So you have one more option of tutorial on how to make body chain select a cool video that shows step by step how to do this piece. Watch in detail the process of making home of the piece that will be part of your visual on a daily basis.

Body Chain Is Piriguete Accessory?

In Brazil the body chain began to be associated with the idea of piriguetismo that came to prominence in the novel Brazil Avenue as part of the costume of the character Zax (Isis Valverde). The character was the booty call suburban loved the body chains and Brazilian women who do not yet meet the trend that was getting abroad came to believe it was a vulgar accessory.

The body chain has no vulgar connotation, unlike is a piece that adds more sensuality to the look of any woman.Can be used to let the most charming Beach bikini or even to let the powerful party dress or ballad even sexier, but without a hint of vulgarity. Can invest without fear in this trend that has nothing of vulgarity.

Buying Your Body Chain

Those who prefer to buy the chain will realize that your body has several options on the internet, in physical stores of Brazil the accessory is still gaining strength. In the case of the internet the trick is mining on sites like e-bay who has options well into account for your pocket. So it will be pretty easy to find a piece that enter the your budget.

Keep an eye that some Brazilian accessories brands are doing pieces of this kind in particular necklaces to the shoulder. You can make a body chain and buy another for a change the looks.

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July 26, 2017

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