How to Make Decorations for Christmas

The year-end holidays are approaching and soon the houses are decorated for the occasion. There are many options of decorations for the home, but apart from the Christmas tree, have a special and indispensable – the Garland.

According to remzfamily, this is a Christmas decoration which gives a personal touch home on this occasion and if you do not have the your yet or want to modify it, is very easy. You will need a few materials. They are also cheap.

If you do not have a base to the wreath, buy an artificial straw. To top it you will need a tape of more or less 5 cm in width, the color that you want. Gold, red or green are very beautiful. After lined the base with hot glue you will paste some embellishments. The tip is to use some artificial leaves and flowers.

Cole first leaves, among them paste the flowers, between each flower you can put some tape or lace Christmas balls that combine with the Garland. Do this throughout the base. Another option is to only cover the base with the tape of your preference, and in a part of the only Garland do like a flower arrangement or even Santa Claus dolls. Finish with a big Ribbon. Use a different from that design base.There are some well worked that are great for this.

It is very easy, fast and cheap. After it’s done it’s just hanging on the door of your House and enjoy Christmas.

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November 13, 2017

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