How to Make Party Decorations Simple and Provencal Peppa Pig



Inspired by the ideas for party decoration Peppa Pig
Celebrate the birthday of the small is always a delight and settle in the decoration of the party, creating an amazing day for the birthday girl and guests, is what all parents want. In choosing the theme is important to consult the child, after all, the day will be hers. If the little loves the Peppa Pig, invest in a party with the theme is a great idea because the design allows many decorating options. Inspired by the ideas for party decoration Peppa Pig and small day unforgettable.

Before you start planning the decoration of Peppa Pig party it is important that you search for drawing images and get to know the characters, so you can see what the most used colors and which characters use at the party beyond Peppa.
The animated series Peppa Pig has soft colors, however, which makes the playful and excellent party theme to the children’s universe. The color palette features shades like pink, red, blue, green and yellow, pink and Red being the main colours, since they represent the pig.
Besides the Peppa, drawing has the presence of Daddy Pig, George Pig and Mama Pig as loving pig’s family, since Suzy Sheep is your best friend, among other characters. How has enough options, the theme becomes versatile.

Peppa Pig Party Decoration Step by Step

There are several ideas for party decoration Peppa Pig and it is possible to make an awesome celebration is in the salon or at home. Inspire yourself and write down your favorite ideas.
* Picnic Style
Most episodes of the cartoon Peppa Pig happens outdoors, since the character loves to gather with your friends for many adventures. Drawing inspiration from it, you can make the decoration of Peppa Pig party Picnic style, getting the guests even in his backyard. Has retractable tables with checkered shirt towels that are reference and picnic chairs with woven trim.
If the party is in a single place you can use red and green balls to recreate trees. Don’t forget to do a panel to put behind the cake table with the characteristic of Sun episodes. If you wish, you can make the panel completely with balls: to do this, use blue balls for the sky, yellow to make the sun and green, red and brown to the trees. Use the checkered tablecloth on the table, also featuring the sweets as if it were a real picnic.
* Tooth Fairy 
In one of the episodes of the cartoon Peppa Pig, the character appears dressed as a fairy with wings and magic wand. Many kids love the atmosphere of magic and you can use this idea for a Peppa Pig party decorations. Give preference for lightweight fabrics and fluids to cover chairs, giving idea of something magical.
Do a panel with a picture of the character dressed as a fairy and don’t forget to perfect the use of the pink tutu. Table centers can be made in the shape of a crown with the number of the age of the birthday boy or the table to indicate where each family will sit.
For children to get in the mood, at the entrance of the party distribute a fairy kit, containing a small arch with a crown and a magic wand, you can easily make at home using felt and barbecue sticks.
* House of Peppa 
Many children who love the design would like to live in the house of Peppa and why not give this experience for them in a birthday? Make the party with the theme of Peppa Pig house, betting on yellow, red, and white balls at the entrance to the salon to simulate the front of the house of the pig. If you want, you can make the entry with Mysteryaround.
Within the party, bet on the interior decoration of the house of the character. A great tip is setorizar decoration, making the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom according to the drawing’s house. In the kitchen you can have the table with the cake, in the part of the room can be arranged the tables, while in the bedroom can occur around. In the bathroom, a tip is to put a ball pit making the time of bathtub. Kids will love.
Peppa Pig party decorations can ensure a playful and magical celebration with plenty of color and fun for the birthday girl and her guests. Get inspired and create the magical world of your little one.