How to Make Vampire Makeup Step by Step

The vampire makeup is main brand dark and dramatic eyes and striking mouth pulled into the red. This visual medium dark glamorous medium has every day gaining new fans. And many women use productions aspect vamp (but smooth, of course) in daily looks like ballad, family parties, trips and even day to day.
In this sense we realize that the makeup vampire fits both for costume parties or Halloween as on other occasions. Even among the public teen makeup of “Draculaura” drawing the character Monster High has done very successfully.
Then I will suggest three beautiful look super vampire for you raze, the first super heavy and flashy, perfect for a party, the second look based on Draculaura to please teenagers or even young women who like to dare. And finally a vamp look wonderful that suits many occasions and makes you super glamorous .

Vampire Look for Halloween Party

For costume parties or halloween order is exaggerating the dark aspect, you need not be afraid of regret, to be a festive occasion imagination can roll loose. Lots of people like to apply compact powder with talcum powder to give a paler touch to the skin and if you apply a foundation a shade lighter than your skin this aspect is even better for your makeup vampire.
Then go around the eyes with opaque black shadow or black Kajal (I prefer the latter option) and also apply on mobile eyelid. And apply a shadow graphite or lead esfumando out the eyes of boundaries towards the temples. The inner corner of the eyes and just below the pass shadow illuminator pearly eyebrow. In the center of the mobile eyelid to where you vanished to apply black shadow shimmering shadow or gliter on a reddish or purple tone, according to the look you want.

Look of “Draculaura” Character Monster High

According to, the Draculaura is a children’s character, in fact it is a super teen vamp cute and her look is teen, has a bit of sensuality, but it’s not adult or appealing, so it better be used by teenagers or young girls with girl face, and preferably at parties or special occasions. If you want to use for day to day look to leave the visual and light applying scintillating shadow rather than glitter, smoothing the eye contour, giving up eyeliner and mascara and little heart left cheek.
Start by making the skin, leaving it well standardized. And do not forget to use a good primer in the eye so that the shadow set well. Following apply eyeliner close to the upper lashes and may exaggerate and stroke and scratched, pass a pencil or black kajal the watermark and apply lilac or purple shadow in the hollow. Take a creamy glitter shadow and gently apply across mobile eyelid, careful not to smudge the glitter should be visible. A good tip is to apply the primer again on the mobile eyelid before gllitter so that the grip is better and spray thermal water in the brush with glitter to facilitate the application.
Then you fades away a little this pink glitter with purple to form a degraded and retraces the route of the liner to be well marked. Apply an illuminator well below the arch of the eyebrow for a more beautiful effect. And use an eyelash curler and a lot of extra black mask volume to let the well marked eyes and use a black eyeliner on the path with black pencil to strengthen the effect “cat eyes” and do not forget to apply the illuminator also in the eyes of the inner corner to open look. Finally, with a pink pencil make a heart on her left cheek and apply glitter shadow on top, blurring not worry concerte with a cotton swab. Spend a lipstick pink and a very rosy blush.

Vampire Look for Various Occasions

Finalizing our makeup tips for vampire, start applying soft black pencil across mobile eyelid, the watermark and yields to the lower lashes. Do not forget to do the whole damn contour, including “corner of lagrima” it is in the inner corner of the eye joining the top to the bottom. Now, before moving on to spend the shade, put a tape to tape the design and let it retinho. Then apply a matte black shade and esfume well in the hollow. Remove the tape and apply the shadow on the bottom of the well close eyes to the light of esfumando lashes. Now even with opaque shade (or red wine) and apply the edges above and also apply black shadow at the bottom of the eye, close to the eyelashes. Finish with a shadow illuminating just below the eyebrow and eyelash curler and black scored lashes. In the mouth colorless lip gloss or lipstick discreet mate.