How to Make Wool Flannel

Our pants Wool Flannel Heather Grey and Flannel Navy are made from a woven wool flannel in Italy by the famous house Vitale Barberis.

Here are 7 steps for making this prestigious wool pants:
Step 1: The Top
The first step is to wash the raw wool, by carding or combing. Carding wool is to pass through chard and highlight tape form. Combing, meanwhile, helps make the parallel fibers and eliminate shorter.
The product of this essential step is called the “Top”.
Step 2: Spinning
is then passed tops several times to get a comb ideal wire diameter for spinning. The latter involves stretching and twisting the strands.
Step 3: Stain
There are 3 dyeing techniques used mainly by houses.

  1. “Top”
    technique most common in large houses, it takes time, especially for drying.
  2. Coil
    Faster, this technique is used for samples, small productions or special orders.
  3. In part
    Consist to dive in a colorful wool bath by making it rotate on a reel.The fabric is removed from the bath when the desired shade is obtained.

Step 4: Warping
This is to check the position of son through high-tech machines that use lasers to simultaneously monitor hundreds of coils and each of their son.
Step 5: Weaving
Transversal son must pass over or under the vertical son following a specific pattern. In modern looms each wire passes in a sort of large needle eye, each being controlled by the electronic brain of the loom so as to be raised at the right time. A broad and solid comb beats each frame.
Step 6: Rentrayage
second verification step, women detect any defects manually. This step is performed twice, the first time just after weaving and the second time after the first finishing phase.
Step 7: Finishing
The fabric is immersed in a bath of warm soapy water and then subjected to crushing, thereby giving him his hushed made more consistent and heavier. Several techniques are then used to give the fabric are final appearance.
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