How to Personalize T-Shirts with Wood and Popsicle Sticks

Step by step for you to create beautiful shirts with a super easy technique to do!

This tip is cool to create different types of handmade shirts. And the cool thing is that they are very simple to create, it is only necessary that you provide the materials and have them see in the final preparation. It is a very attractive option to use at an opportune moment, when the occasion asks for something more elegant. Also make your homemade shirt and let everyone marvel at your creation!


– Shirt
– Wood plate
– Popsicle sticks
– Brush
– Wood paint / synthetic enamel
– Fabric glue
– Varnish
– Ruler}
– Pencil
– Scissors

Step by step

First you must scratch the wood with the pencil. Just stipulate the size of your triangles and squares and then scratch with the help of the ruler. After scratching, cut with the scissors. The wood type wood is very thin and can be cut with the scissors without major problems.

Cut both your triangles, those with two different sizes, as well as your squares. Make them with the same proportion by creating beads that have a cool size for the shirt that you will decorate.

See the two triangles, the square and the popsicle stick, which should be cut in the middle. You need several copies of each of these items. The way you will lay out these details on your blouse will vary according to your preference.

See how easy it is to paint the wooden beads you’ve made. Just choose one color for each item you made and paint all with the brush. Use the synthetic paint or enamel in the way the manufacturer indicates in the product packaging.

With the inks you have, you can make cool combinations to get new stains. Go testing and see what you give! 🙂

Look at the madeirites and the little popsicle sticks. Now just wait to dry to start gluing the little things you have created.

Once you do all your items, it’s time to pin them on the shirt. Put something in the middle of the fabrics of the front and back of the shirt, dressing it in a cardboard or something similar. This will prevent the glue from overlying the tissue and pasting into the tissue of the back.

Always starting from the center, you first put them on top of the shirt and make a legal organization, trying to create a beautiful pattern for your making, then go pasting each item with the glue to the fabric. Put the glue in the middle of each item and press firmly to secure it securely.

See this other legal example with this same craft technique. From this next example you will see that you can create several cool compositions with this idea. Do your arts too and please everyone with the result. Everyone will really enjoy their makeup and will want to make cool shirts in this style as well. I hope you’ve tanned it. Drop your imagination and good luck in creating this beautiful personalized shirt!

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September 30, 2017

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