How to Prevent and Combat Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Motherhood is beautiful, every woman lights up during pregnancy, until the time of them, the biggest villains come into scene the stretch marks. Yes, they are feared by the vast majority of the pregnant woman, settling primarily in the abdominal area and breasts. But calm, although feared they can be reduced and even prevented, but for this it is necessary to have some special skin care, before, during and after pregnancy.
Tips to Combat Stretch Marks in Pregnancy
Stretch marks are scars caused by rupture of elastic fibers and collagen, which can be generated by excessive or rapid stretch skin and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, as well as hereditary factor. When they rupture, the fibers are flooded by blood, they end up forming a small reddish scar, which over time become more pale and more difficult to be treated.
OK, now that you know how they appear, it’s time to combat them with some special care. Here are some tips on how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy:
-Try to feed more often and eating healthy foods to not get fat too much or too fast. Your skin needs time to stretch and adapt to the new way.

Infographic of the calories
-Invest in a bra boob size, suited to the support without the press and if you have very large breasts, use it also to sleep.
-Prefer loose clothing and cotton clothes so that your skin can breathe.
-Try to do constantly massages with moisturizing creams on belly and tits, to prevent the itching of “stretch” of skin, so the skin will be more elastic, preventing stretch marks.
-Use any cream for pregnancy in both breast and belly and back, prefer oils with vitamin E, they are very good to moisturize the skin.
-Try to lead a healthy life, maintain the weight, because the weight is one of the factors that result in stretch marks, as a result of this stretch, causing a kind of scarring on the skin.
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