How to Prevent Cockroaches in Home?

Roaches are the oldest insects on the planet, they are very sturdy and very easy to adapt to the environment that are living, usually live in places with little or no sanitation. This insect that is hated by many, both men and women, are not welcome in our homes. So we’ll post tips on how to make a fumigation against cockroaches in your house, because nobody wants to meet with this bug in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and etc.
So it is very important that you follow these tips:

  • Always leave your house clean.
  • Always keep bins closed and always with plastic bags.
  • Always keep lots whines and free of trash.
  • Keep sinks, stoves and refrigerators low spaces always clean and dry.
  • Do not leave food scraps in the dishes and on top of tables.
  • Don’t leave pet food out.

Now we go to the pest control, to get away with the so hated cheap, you have to buy the product called “K-othrine”, you will find in feed stores/veterinary products.
To apply the product get a 1.5 liter bottle and fill with water, leaving about 5 fingers without water, dilute the entire contents of the k-othrine on bottle. Make a little hole in the lid of the bottle not to go out too much. Then play this mixture in the corners of the house, where did you find cockroaches.
With this poison the roaches go away for up to 3 months, passing this interval it is advisable to do the process again, just be careful when applying the product, because it is a poison has to wear gloves to apply, to have no problem. Take extra care with children and animals.
If this does not work, it is advisable to find an expert in the field in order to wipe out the cockroaches. I’m sure the pest control staff will be able to end your problem if the K-othrine doesn’t work.