How To Recover Furniture Vintage?

During these holidays it is likely that you spend a few days in the House of the people or go to visit your uncles or grandparents. These places can hide real gems in the form of furniture that, believe it or not, can take much advantage.
That old chest of drawers from your grandmother, that at first glance you may be horrible, can be of the most chic in your receiver with the help of sandpaper and some paint.
If you don’t have option to get furniture vintage of family houses, you can always go to flea markets or thrift stores. And never forget to prowl for containers or get closer to the point of your city, sometimes pulling real wonders.
That Yes, before buying anything think if you will be able to carry out the restoration and what will be your website once recovered, lest then you find yourself with a piece of furniture that you don’t know where place.
Remzfamily will tell you all the techniques to renew and restore vintage furniture so you can do without being a professional cabinetmaker, or having a great toolbox. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Techniques to renew furniture vintage

If the cabinet vintage that you want to recover is in good condition and does not need a previous restoration, you can renew it directly with any of the following decorative techniques.

The chalk painting

Never undermine the power of a coat of paint, even if it’s the chalk painting. This type of paint, very well known within the DIY universe, adheres to any surface without pre-treatment.
It is not necessary to sand the workpiece or stripping it, just have to clean it with a damp cloth before you paint.
The colors and texture of this painting are very special and will give them an incredible vintage touch to your parts. But not just from your furniture, with it you can renew seats, sofas, lamps, or anything that you can think of.
That is a very porous paint so it will have to apply a coat of wax to protect it.


Decoupage is basically sticking pieces of paper over the objects that you want to decorate and then varnishing them getting a painted effect by hand.
Normally, used napkins decorated cuts, although nowadays there are papers that are specially designed to work with this technique.
Although it requires more patience than the painting, the results are excellent.


That dust-filled armchair has many possibilities if you can give a modern touch.
A good upholstery can help you completely transform your appearance. Select current fabrics and bright colors to achieve a greater contrast with the style of the Chair or armchair.


Wallpaper not only serves to decorate walls or lining cupboards funds. With it you will get all kinds offurniture vintage renewed.
You only have to choose a suitable paper and glue it carefully so there are no air bubbles.
You will be taken to have a dresser or chest of drawers that not stick you with nothing to a piece of furniture from the most chic.

Techniques to restore vintage furniture

If it has been dropped into your hands an authentic vintage piece and want to restore it to its original State must be more careful and make some preparatory steps before you can use any other decorative technique.

Evaluation of the furniture

Before you get to work you must perform an assessment of the status of the unit. If it has Woodworm, missing any of the parts or replace others.


The Woodworm or moth can be cumbersome especially if the furniture is very infected. You distinguish it easily by the characteristic holes that leaves on the surface of the wood.
To eradicate it will need some tools: syringe, spatula, brush, plastic film, liquid matacarcomas and wood-pulp.
With the help of a syringe enter the liquid anticarcoma in each of the holes. Then with the brush apply a coat of liquid over the entire surface.
Finally, completely envelops the piece with transparent plastic and leave at least 4 or 5 days, if they are few more, better.
Once disinfected it is up to repair the damage. For this purpose you can use wood to fill all voids and holes.


If the piece of furniture that you want to restore has accumulated several layers of paint and varnish you will have to pickle it.
To get a good etching you will need a heat gun to melt the paint and a spatula to remove it slowly.
If you leave some traces of paint you get an effect very worn vintage

Repair of damage

Once sanitized and pickled comes the time to repair the unit, replace or fix those parts that are broken or missing.
Disassembles the unit completely and procurement as far as possible to fix the original pieces rather than replace them with new ones.
With a sandpaper polished carefully the bumps and scratches that you find on the wood. You can fill in the cracks and crevices with wood paste.
As you can see, there are many chances of recovering furniture vintage. You only need a little work and a great deal of enthusiasm.
Maybe you to restore your own furniture?