How to Shrink a Leather Jacket

With the arrival of the first spring sun we are ready to make the change of season in our closets. Via the coats, down jackets, because now too heavy and pick up the jackets of skin as suitable for any occasion, make us feel comfortable, have a huge fit, as it combines well with any Pant or skirt . But as we all know, fashion changes and, if we want to be informed and know the trends of the moment, grudgingly we realize that our leather jacket is not fitted according to the fashion. 
If we are a little sewing and, we have a certain familiarity with the sewing machine , we can also try to make the necessary changes to make it more grippy. Just follow along the steps of this guide from on how to shrink a leather jacket.
You need
Be sure to have on hand:

  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Chalk

First we start with the lining and, carefully using a pair of nail scissors we start scucirla, proceeding from the bottom and reaching the upper part (being careful not to cut the skin). Even the seams of the jacket, known as DART, as by the shoulders and sleeves, I was positively surprised to be perfect must be narrowed and wrinkle free.
It is very important, since it is a leather jacket, use a needle double enough able to drill this material and especially that do not break during processing with the sewing machine . Then get the nylon cord, so you get seams very tough, especially on the back and under the arms, which are the crucial points subject to greater movements. Another important measure is to check that there is no difference between the natural color of the skin and the wire, especially if the seams are exterior. Also before you cut the skin, it is better to baste, following the old seams, so they have a clear point of reference. After tacking, skin close to the cuts, agrees ribordarla with stitches zigzagging to avoid fraying, then we begin to machine stitch all seams. Finished this job, we take the liner, we eliminate even in this case the excess (marking Frances with chalk), and then with stitches by hand, we combine within the leather jacket.
At this point, having detached even arms, open and delete in this case structural seams, cutting then the excess liner, after which we sew and go back inside, leaving a certain softness to prevent on right sleeve shoots; doing all necessary tests by bending the elbow, to see if they are not too tight. If everything is in order, we stick to the jacket (car), the measure and finally restore the everything, so get it tailored for us, and especially without any defect.