How To Store Jewelry: 8 Simple Rules

We are sincere: our jewelry boxes are often indistinct clusters of jewelry accumulated over time. And it didn’t worry me. Indeed, the more we have, the more we are happy!

Because knowing how to store jewelry

There is, however, that sometimes we forget: all precious metals are easily solid upon contact with other objects. And the stones over time can lose gloss or stain.
That’s why we have to take care of our jewelry. After reading read my tips on How to Polish gold jewelry and How to clean diamonds, tonow we see How to store the jewelsat best. Do not be afraid! It is an easy process: 8 small rules, simple but effective. See them together.

1. the jewels in their jewellery boxes

L ‘ exposure to’air and light oxidizes and blur even more preciousmetals. If you have released (alas!) of the original boxes, use soft velvet pouches or simple soft bags, which you can find easily in stationer’s shop, or in shops of accessories, such as

2. A jewel for each bag

The contact between different jewelry is likely to make them scratch, even the pearls are very fragile. And when you’re traveling , use a jewelry box with separate magazines!

3. The jewels not close to sources of heat

The temperature might accelerate the oxidation process of precious metal or alter the color of the stones.

4. Do not wear jewelry during some activities

Avoid wearing jewelry during chores while you exercise (attention to chlorine in swimming pools), the shower or during the night. Contact with detergents, sweat, detergents, cosmetics and the natural acidity of the skin are likely to ruin not only the metal part of your jewelry, but also the precious stones. Same goes if you go on the beach: the sand works like a file!

5. The jewels until you have completed the whole look

Do not spray over your jewelry perfumes, Hairspray or lotions. This caution applies both to pearls, at risk of becoming stained, both all hard stones (coral, turquoise, lapis, malachite, etc.).

6. Clean the jewelry regularly

You can use a soft cloth (and clean!). And if there are no beads or stones, you can dip them in boiling water for a few minutes and after drying with the trusty soft cloth.

7. Remove the right way the jewels

The mistake that most commonly see to do is take off thering by applying pressure directly on the stones in place. Remember that the rings must be removed from the stem if you don’t want to loosen with time frames. The same goes for closures of necklaces, pins or earrings with stones: try to put pressure on gold and not on the stones if you do not want to risk losing someone without realizing it!

8. Periodically check the jewelry

Especially the ones you wear often, to ensure that there is no stone “loose”. If there are stones at risk, go immediately from your trusted jeweler if you don’t want it to be too late!
George Bernard Shaw said that “the golden rule is that there are no golden rules“.Then we do that these are rules of Platinum, try it!
But after trying to follow these rules on How to store jewelry, why not learn even How to protect pearls?