How to Sync Contacts from Google with iPhone?

In today’s world where every type of release comes with a proposal to further facilitate user needs, it’s easy to find all sorts of things. So what about the iPhones? With a gigantic list of applications and their utilities.

How to Sync Contacts from Google with iPhone?

It is possible to find application for almost all kinds of thing, we came to speak of one of them, the application that we chose in this article has the function of synchronizing the contacts of Google with the iPhone.

Arriving with a little delay in relation to the Androids that has a phonebook that counts on being formed exactly by your Google contacts. Did the idea come from the application launched for iPhones?

This news allows the user to sync your contacts and Google Calendar via Push notifications, to do this simply follow the steps below to set up ActiveSync on your iPhone:

  • Scroll to Settings – Mail, Contacts, and then Calendars.
  • Click the Add Account – Microsoft Exchange option.
  • Enter your full Gmail email in the Email field option, leave the Domain field blank.
  • Put your Gmail address in the Username space and also your password, now click the option next.
  • In the space of the server field you will enter with
  • Now you will select all the service options that you want to synchronize.In order to receive the information and notifications via PUSH you must activate the option, to do this you must go to the Settings menu – Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then go to get new data and choose Push.Once you have done this you will complete the settings and the synchronization will already be done, now all your Gmail information is in sync with your iPhone. A great news for anyone who needs to always access their calendar or Google services.What do you think of this article? Do you like this news for iPhone? Did you manage to synchronize after reading the article?