How to Use Makeup with Eyeglasses

I wear glasses two years ago, but rather used only to read, so just in front of the computer to work. There not much care to makeup sometimes failed to use because the disguised lens. However, in recent months I was feeling difficulty seeing at a distance even when he was not on the computer. The head was already giving indications that I would need to use direct glasses, and my old frame model was pretty ugly ahahahha know. I went to the ophthalmologist and really did not escape having to use all the time, so I jumped and bought a cute frame and that left me comfortable to use direct. In addition, a féxion frame so I can combine the look does migas.
Poréééémmmmmm there came the question: and mores makeup? How will I use direct, I have to adapt and use something that values four eyes here. Thinking about it, I saw that has many girls who have the same question that I then did a basic guide of the three most common types of eyes and how to use makeup to their advantage in glasses!
To animate you, phyna who wears glasses, I say that it is indeed possible to wear glasses and makeup at the same time. The basic tip is: to draw attention to another point of the face, for example, the mouth. However, be careful not to choose a strong lipstick, to create a set “non-matching” in the rest of the makeup. It is important to strike a balance so that an item does not overlap the other. But there are also some really cool tips for you to learn to value your look, and even glasses, everyone will notice that you are makeup.

The first tip of all production is take good care of the eyebrows. Wearing glasses, you automatically draws more attention to the eyes, so your eyebrows should always be very well made and designed. Moreover, they should not be “hidden” behind the glasses, choose frames that fall below it, not to interfere in the “” of his face. The frame of the glasses just hiding around 30% of makeup, so to enhance the look, opt for shadows and eyeliners in brown tones, but with care not to charge the makeup. The brown shade serves to mark the concave and give more depth to the look.
Another precaution to be taken at the time of makeup is with respect to the mask lashes that will be used. For those who wear glasses, masks are not shown to lengthen the lashes, for obvious reasons after all, you do not want your lashes rest against the lens, is not it? Opt for masks that only deem volume and “body” to the. Now, the most important tip is to be aware of their visual disability to choose the best makeup. But why? It’s simple, the basic rule is:
– If You Are Nearsighted: You must use use the pencil or eyeliner on the outside of the eyes, to open the eyes as the focal lenses for myopia give the impression that the eyes are smaller. The ideal makeup for those who are short-sighted is simple: pass the black pencil on the root of the lower lashes on the outer part (leaving that white part, which is internal, with nothing). After this, use a beige shadow on the eyelid and mark the concave (the one most salient bone just above the eyes’ with brown shade. Then use the eyeliner on the upper root, also for the outside. Finally, vanishing black shadow in the corner external bottom, until the eyeliner. Then finish with a mask to give volume to the eyelashes.
– Now, If You Have Hyperopia, the effect is the opposite, because the lenses make the eyes “increase”.Therefore, the makeup should be more careful, not to further enhance the look, then, opt for soothing pastel shades. Another tip is to smudge well and take care so that the eyelashes are well separated after applying the mask. The pencil or eyeliner application procedure in this case is the opposite, you must pass on the inside of the eyes and the root of the lashes, to give the impression that your eyes are smaller. You can use a beige shadow across the eyelid to the eyebrow, and then smudge brown shadow in the hollow and at the root of the lashes. After this, pass the pencil at the root of the lower lashes and the inside of the eye. Use a cotton swab to smudge the pencil stroke, to make it softer.After that, finish with mascara, taking care to well separate the lashes with the mask applicator.
Now, another cool tip is to also use the right shade to the color of your eyes. And that goes for anyone who does not use glasses! Stay tuned these tips,
– If your eyes are blue, use green shadows, pink and salmon. And avoid steel frames;
– If you are green, the most suitable tones are earthy and soft, like brown, gold, pink and coppery;
– If you have light brown eyes, the most suitable tones are golden and brown
– If your eyes are dark brown and black, use shades of pink, blue and more vibrant colors and avoid grays because they weaken the look.
So, excited to wear your glasses now?