How to Use Spy Cameras

About batteries
How to recharge my USB camera?
You can recharge your camera to any USB port as your computer or USB charger as an iPhone charger.
We recommend charging on charger. The charging time is different for different products, but the charger tends to load faster the batteries.
Most products have a LED indicator, which reacts during charging.
How long can I record with my camera?
The recording time varies depending on the camera, it is stated on the product in the technical data table.
The usage time also depends on the size of the memory card, the recording format (MJPEG, H264, 3gp …) resolution (HD, not HD). It also depends on the operating mode (motion detection, video continues)
Products with remote control
My remote control does not respond well, what?
It must be in the face, up to 5m for the product with infrared remote control, and for the product with radio control up to 5m, but you do not need to be in front. Make sure the battery is present in the remote and working.
Depending on the model, there is a small time reaction between the support and execution of the requested action. The reaction time may also depend on your memory card, it is recommended to use a memory card “brand” like Kingston, SanDisk, Samsun … 4 minimum class.
Memory cards
Which memory card should I use?
The majority of products using SD or micro SD memory cards (to check on the product data sheet)
We recommend the use of branded memory cards (Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung … do not use unbranded memory card “no name” that cause problems)
We recommend the use of class 4 minimum.
In what format do I format my memory card?
Must format your memory card to the FAT32 format.
Rereading his videos
How to read the videos on my computer?
You must connect the USB product directly on the computer, it is recognized as a USB key. You can also insert your memory card into the computer using a card adapter or directly to your smartphone or tablet.
How to update the date and time of my product?
This operation differs from one product to another please refer to the manual for your product, in the manual-video tab
Reset of the camera
My camera does not respond well, what?
Check that the product is loaded (at least 2h)
Try another memory card (check that the format is FAT 32)
You can connect the product via USB to your computer, a new USB drive appears in the post work, if your product has a memory card, your computer must display the memory capacity of the USB connected product.
Refer to the manual of your camera to find the reset button.
When I plug my product, my computer asks me to format the disk, what should I do?
Most of the time, the pc reacts when there is no memory card in the product, or it is inserted incorrectly or not recognized. If you have inserted a memory card in the product must be removed and then replaced the memory card, and change it if the problem persists.
Note: remember to format your card in FAT 32.
My product is lit and then turns off immediately how to solve this problem?
If your product on and off, there are two causes for this problem:
Either your product is not loaded or there is no memory card in the product (or unrecognized memory card) .
it must then verify that your product is loaded by giving the charge and also format your memory card in FAT 32 (or change the memory card)
The accessories
How to buy accéssoires?
To access click here Accessories
If your accessory is not available, please contact us
What is the warranty period for my product?
The warranty period is one year. The contractual guarantees do not cover:
– Replacement of consumables (batteries, bulbs, fuses, LEDs, batteries etc …)
– Abnormal or improper product use.
– Faults associated with accessories (power cables …)
– Defects and their consequences due to the intervention of a repairer not approved by HD System
– Defects and their consequences related to improper use for the purpose for which the product is intended,
– Defects and their consequences related to any external cause.