How to Wear a Women's Sweater

The sweater is a basic that should never miss in a feminine wardrobe. It is a garment that can mostly use it in the winter season and also the days that cold.
Mostly women choosing basic and classic sweaters, but the truth is that with these items we are trendy, which is renewed each time. If you want to see modern and attractive, I recommend that you read this post and see the different styles of sweater that is in fashion this year.

Metallic sweater

Believe it or not, the metallic trend is always present in the current fashion turtleneck and has managed to impose in night clothes, footwear, accessories, outerwear and casual clothing. Metallic sweaters are original and striking, are recommended for girls who want to be trendy this year. To create a casual look with a touch of glamour, I advise that the metallic sweaters combined them with a cute pair of jeans.

Oversized sweater

For women who want to be chic, I recommend you to choose a big sweater or an oversized sweater. It is important that large sweater combined it with tight clothing to favorably define your body and achieve a proper balance. To create an oversized look, combine your sweater large with a miniskirt, with some leggings or some skinny jeans.

Monochromatic sweater

This year they also fashion the monochromatic looks and are a perfect choice for their dress with sweater. For example; to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look, you should choose colors that are discrete and pink, white or beige. If it seems too simple look Add accessories are eye-catching patterned trousers or a beautiful necklace.

Plush sweater

Leather or hairy sweaters are warm, original and fun to give life to their winter looks. Even this type of sweater is also fashionable for modern girls. To create a casual look that is modern, attractive and with little effort, I suggest combining a sweater plush with a simple pair of jeans and a pair of boots.

How to wear a sweater with style

  1. Classic Look with elegant and modern. This look is perfect for daily or go to the office. The only thing you need to do is: choose a wool sweater and match it with a cute skirt with lace; try to create a look with earthly tones. For these items, the best option is the cream color or color beige. Then add accessories that are brown like for example a maxi bag and a chatitas to your look. If you want to give your look a touch of colour add a red lip.
  1. Look chic, trendy and sophisticated. For this look, we have to get a black and white combination. For example; combine a lovely black sweater with a cute white skirt. Important thing is that the skirt is straight and tight and may own a pit. Complete your look with a few white high heel shoes or sandals in white strips and a black bag or a black portfolio. For a day look add a Bangle or a glasses.