How to Wear a Tie

If the tie is part of your daily rabotnno clothing and do not know how to properly wear this elegant accessory read this guide. It is simply a must for any man who has passed the teenage years. When it comes to wearing a few things that need to be taken into account.

Combinations with Tie

White suit suit any ties. Summer preferred bright colors, and winter – dark. It is important not to tie lighter from his jacket.
Color shirt should be lighter than the tie. Color motives or tie lines should match the color of the suit. The perfect combination of color gamut enables your surroundings to feel your style.
Traditionally one of the colors of the shirt or jacket (for example, if on it or it has thin stripes) attend tie its other colors are contrasting.
At one color shirt allowed any motives tie – depending on your preference and occasion in which glue it.

Blue shirt with a tie combined with any pattern on the basis of blue and red.
Black shirt in ofitsislen style – black, white or dark burgundy. In freestyle tie with a bright pattern.
Plaid shirt in gray color blends with different shades of gray and violet.

Choice When Purchasing Tie

Your choices can be infinite! In fact, there are men’s neckties with different colors, designs, fabrics, width and length – plenty of choices that can actually be overwhelming. Here are some tips in your choice.
When you first take your tie, your color is navy blue and standard size. Great about it is that is consistent with almost any color clothing. It also looks good in any season and is suitable gift for any occasion.
Classic striped tie is the most popular model. Select in no more than four colors that will make pairing a shirt and suit easier. The width of the stripes is determined by personal preference.
A Second most popular color is burgundy tie according to Threergroup. It combines well with other red and dark colors. Ties burgundy look great in late summer and autumn.
If you already have a couple of plain and patterned ties in his collection should add a box to your wardrobe. With plaid tie you can give a little more casual appearance than with monochrome.
Ideal for sunny days is a link in pastel color. These colors are ideal for a tan suit and you have the perfect look in the summer.
Especially popular in autumn and winter are knitted. Best are thin flat end.