How to Wear Colored Socks

The fashion is made in the details, as we teach in article 10 male fashion tips that every man should know, and one of those details that has gained increasing attention are the goofy socks.
They are in the world of fashion for a long time, but gained much prominence in recent times with the idea of using shorter pants or with turn-ups. With that, the stockings were visible and the men began to pay more attention to them.
We talked about this fashion here, but we said it was time to start using. Now, clothesbliss will teach you how to wear the colored socks and give a great highlight.
Whenever we talk about goofy socks, men’s-we’ve thought in stripes, lozenges and prints. They really create cool effects, but the colored smooth stockings are also excellent choices and are increasingly easy to found.
To start using this fashion, you need to have in mind that it is a way to relax your look with little. Is an excellent idea to put colors in more serious clothes. If you need to work in formal attire, for example, the colorful male socks help break some of the formality. The highlight of the colorful amid the neutral tones creates an interesting effect.
In the thin sport costume, you can abuse your socks men’s colored without fear. You just need to have enough attitude to hold this look and have the least common sense not to use colors that don’t match.
In addition to the formal and the sport thin, they also match the visual. Is a good choice to go out during the day on weekends or for less formal jobs. In jeans, it is interesting to use the bars bent to give a nice highlight. But, you need to be careful with the shoes too!
Contrary to what most people believe, the socks in dark blue are the ones that best combine with brown shoes, regardless of your clothes. Using dark or light costumes on top, the combination easier to Brown Navy Blue sock.
Already in black shoes, you can invest the will. If you haven’t had much practice yet, seek merging the half with the color of the pants or some other detail of your clothes. The combination with tennis is much more difficult. If you want to invest, look for use with neutral tones well tennis and sober jeans to start.

Prints and patterns

When choosing prints and patterns in formal clothes, the best way to do this is by choosing for patterns that have colors in harmony with shoe and pants. When in doubt of not knowing how to combine right, you better choose for neutral tones. In casual sport and fine visuals, you can get strong colors that are not in the rest of the visual, but it is important to harmonize.
For those just starting to invest in the colorful male socks, the best choice is to look for designs and colors well. A tip that will help too: small patterns are easier and combine the Grand.
This fashion colored stockings with prints and patterns of male is very interesting to invest in a visual all black. The small colorful detail will give a special charm.
With these tips, you will be a lot easier using your colored socks, but as the saying goes: a picture is worth 1000 words for. Then, split up some images to inspire you in this visual:
BONUS TIP: Always wear shorter pants or with bending bar when using colored socks. Use underneath pants that go up to the line of shoes/sneakers will idea that you choose the first thing he saw ahead of him or had no other clean socks.