How to Wear Cropped Pants

Glue cropped? Wouldn’t it be cropped blouse? No! That’s right. The new fashion now is the cropped pants and that can cause a lot of headaches at the time of use. That’s because it is a type of play he can marry little thing and a visual error can be fatal.
See the best way to use the crochet cropped top.

What is the cropped pants?

Before knowing how it should be used, it is necessary to get to know you better and learn to identify it in a window. Cropped comes from the English language, in good Portuguese sound, I mean shortened. This model is characterized by staying above the ankle, leaving him to shows.
In fact, these pants were already sets in the 60 and were synonymous with elegance in celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot. Today, things are very different. The cropped pants as described in are in high and famous as Gisele Bündchen and Sarah Jessica Parker also joined the look.
Learn tips on how to use the cropped top.

Tips for using the cropped pants in the right way

The feet must remain on display

Enjoy the cropped pants to make your stay more elongated body and make a few centimeters. Open sandals and heel shoes & high heels, with a sleeker design and thin heels are perfect for use with this piece.

For women who have wide hips

That goes for many of us that have the body of Brazilian guitar. If you want to leave a slender body, the tip is the cropped pants. Use the top piece of the same color tune and silhouette and remember: light colors make everything a bit bigger. A monochrome look makes room for more colorful and great accessories.

For taller women

If you are already high, has its 1, 70 m on sees no need in getting bigger. Therefore, an elegant and appropriate option are the flats. Choose those thinner belts and with some sort of delicate beads to not let the ball drop.
Learn also how to use the pants boyfriend without fear.