How to Wear Heels Without Pain

Of you a shoe is either beautiful or comfortable. Only expensive shoes, all leather, would both fashion and chausson.
And well, that’s wrong!

If you are a true fashion bubbles, you already know how to wear heels without pain. Today, new tricks!

Top 3 tips to wear heels without pain:

#1–la fit!

It sounds obvious, but too many fashionistas are choosing to buy shoes that are too big or too small, too tight or too broad, or too curved.
It is essential, but we must respect your feet!

The foot regenerates only

I already told you, the foot is a very complex part and smart of our Anatomy-besides I really not whence the expression “illy as it’s feet ‘ actually…-because it regenerates only, by the natural walking motion: ask the heel flat, place the foot, ask the toes place the phalanges.
Some brands have understood this principle and boast of the convex soles… Pure marketing if you ask me, and yet, I have not tested, I’d be interested here. A wise
Not to obstruct the foot, therefore choose the soft sole shoes. The compensated wooden, rubber or any other material we forget! FYI, Buggy launched this fall a range of shoes soled flexible archi, The Slim BBies.

The right size

And it takes them to his shoe size: the foot must not exceed before or behind (not even in sandals!). We can’t drag a finger behind his heel in a pump to its size! We do not choose a shoe that compressed you so the toes that you feel sarcophagee!

Tip #2: massage!

The massage, you are convinced, is good everywhere. Then why do you not massage most often your feet?
No need of technique, simply massage the sole of the foot, toes, stressing a bit – especially if the pain starts to occur under the foot, in front, by dint of having too much trampled for example.
If you have finished your day, with this massage to a foot bath: hot, not boiling water huh! and a few handfuls of rock salt. In front of the TV, you will see it is a happiness  a recipe for Grandma to abuse!
#3 Tip: wear anti-shock insoles!
These are repeated during the market shocks that tend to hurt when we wear shoes to heel. The solution: create a bunt.
Some shoes have soles that cushion itself very well shock: rubber flexible thick for example soles.
If your sole is very thin, there is a good chance that the shoe you would hurt the foot. In this case, we opt for anti-slip soles, leather, fur, or foam. Lady’s secret for example, we have the possibility to opt for a sole fashion, printed leopard!
Besides, I had the chance to attend the launch party of the new models of the brand in Lyon, this week. A crazy day with the homegrown bloggers: Fadela (a blogger in Lyon), Artlex, etc. The brand had invited DJ, make-up artists, stylists and photographers to capture the moment!
I also met Nastya, face of the brand, who was wearing a dress couture designer Thibault Lauvergne.
So now you know everything to wear heels without pain  , ultimate solution, there is also the car with driver which is not bad. Maybe a little expensive…