How to Wear Invisible Bra

How to wear a dress or a special mesh without sacrificing support bra? We discover some innovation regarding invisible bras, which are, where to find them and how to wear them.
How many times you happen to wear a particular dress with neckline and not knowing how to hide your bra? Or try also to buy a bra paired with a certain dress but still you can not look? Here are some effective solution to this vexing problem that every woman sooner or later will face!

1. The bra flesh-colored or transparent straps

It is the immediate choice for when the bra does not then gives so bothersome but does not stand out too much. It is the simplest solution and it can really find many kinds in all lingerie shops.
The flesh is fine if the opportunity does not it is too formal and if the person wearing it does not bring himself to give up the straps, it is important to choose the right color because obviously as you will see shortly bra.

Bra with transparent straps is another alternative that many use, especially during the summer is very easy to see girls with dresses strapless wear bras with transparent straps.
Many women resort to bra with transparent straps, but let’s face it:  the transparent silicone is clearly seen on our shoulders and it’s pretty ugly.

2. The bandeau strapless

The bandeau can be straight or bustier. It’s perfect for when the bra straps do not have to be there, then paired with corsets or garments that leave the area of the shoulder blades and bare shoulders . The flaw of this type of bra is that it does not raise as much as a bra with the straps. To find something that suits you’ll have to try various brands and then figure out which suits you and does his job to hold in addition to not see each other.

3. The adhesive bra

They are called Pushbra and do not have a cloth wire. The Pushbra fact consists of only two adhesives , the adhesives are obviously disposable and sold in boxes of ten. These stickers lift the breast and give support. The application requires a bit ‘of attention, must first cut the adhesive according to the measure of our cup, then gently open the first part of the adhesive and place it on the nipple, it must then open the adhesive, lift the breasts pulling up and attack the second part of the adhesive according to the height you want your breasts have. The mechanism is opposite to that of a push up, the breast is not lifted at the bottom but at the top . It can work and be effective for those with the small breasts and easily sustainable. It is often used by women as invisible bra push up under the bathing suits! And you feel?

4. The silicone bra

The silicone bras have been around for a few years but many women are still quite skeptical about it. More than an invisible bra is real cups . They are in fact invisible, shape the breast and non-marking under the clothing . The silicone cups can be purchased online, in the last period begin to see even in the shops of underwear like Yamamay, Intimissimi and Tenezis who have dedicated lines.The silicone cups are not very nice to see and you can then find covered with cotton or microfiber, so you look more like a traditional bra. My back and shoulders are totally bare because it does not fasten behind but ahead. The application initially may seem very inconvenient, once you understand the process will be immediate. If not applied correctly are likely to continue to slide downward. In this case there is no need because the silicone adhesive is sticky, you’ll just pick up the breasts from the outside, place the cups her breasts moving towards the center and close the hook that connects the two cups. The cups must be washed after each time after use.
This bra is definitely not a comfortable bra but really helps in situations where the laundry must not see each other, not being one thing every day that it pays to be worn as the’ occasion calls .
And you, what solution you prefer? Would you trust these new methods?