How to Wear Long Pleated Skirts

Knowing how to match the pleated long skirts is imperative if you want to follow the fashion trends winter 2017: they are, in fact, among the most beautiful skirts proposals, the undisputed Queens of the wardrobe this year. The most important runways we saw parading pleated long skirts of all kinds, from those solid color to those fancy, from below the knee to ankle, from pleated variants ones to those of large panels.
This, however, has problems when it should be worn, why not embellish all silhouette. It is good to know which model will soften the most from your line, in order to avoid unpleasant results. The pleated, for example, should be a matter of long-Limbed physical, while softer sides women should opt for larger folds just mentioned. Very thin ankles can be highlighted with lengths just below the calf, while most robust legs are best accommodation under pleated long skirts.
Beyond these brief indications, let’s see what are the most suitable combinations of tendency to choose depending on the occasion.
Skirt and Sweatshirt: is a combination that has seen primarily from parts of Gucci. Alexander Michael, who loves mixing heads at odds, for example, has a beautiful silk pleated skirt, which depicts a lush garden under a blue sky, to be worn with oversized cotton jersey hooded sweatshirt with Gucci logo on front inspired prints in the 1980s. Queercore, snake leather pumps.
Skirt and shirt: lurex, silk or how the combination proposed by Zara, where the shirt is worn inside the black pleated skirt. Particularly high girls can follow the same range of shoes, one ankle booties with the tip. Best suited to soft physical the wide pleated skirt that reaches to the calf of Twin-Set by Sai Baba Baba, paired with a silk blouse from bon ton style.
Skirt and golf: micro, strictly inside wearing the kilt style skirt, such as Zara, solid or slightly flared if the skirt is sweater with soft pleats to the foothills, as Stefanel, where to dominate is the wool.
Pleated long skirt and oversized golf: the proposal to the calf, fabric with printed patterns, H & M it is paired with a long soft knit Turtleneck Sweater knit. The preppy style is emphasized by pointy loafers. Dominates the plain from Valentino, where the precious panelled crepe skirt couture embellished with Rhinestones is worn with a cashmere blend Turtleneck Sweater with leather belt and leather Bootie Valentino Garavani Ballet cross straps at the front in grosgrain.
Skirt and top: for more formal occasions, the Max Mara asymmetrical skirt in taffeta, longer in the back and the volume is very large, with side pockets and folds, it is paired with a sleeveless crop top lurex jacquard fabric with geometric design and patent leather glitter effect with lapin detail and ankle strap.