How To Wear Men's Polo Shirts

In Lolita Fashion your shop to buy branded online clothes we will let you know, how to combine men’s polo shirts.
We know that you are always in search of new trends to look better and excel in style. These garments have the same cut as a shirt, have a collar, can be long sleeves or short sleeves, adapt to formal and informal styles. Learn more about this piece and how to use it in the article below.

History And Characteristics Of The Polo Shirt

The athletes of the discipline Polo, who wore this type of T-shirt as described in mcat-test-centers in the nineteenth century. It was also used by tennis players. This garment liked so much that, little by little the fashion designers, adapted it to be used like something more formal than a common T-shirt, but less formal than the shirt.
It was in 1926 that the tennis player René Lacoste , was in charge of designing a version of short sleeves. To use them while playing tennis. For 1933 this tennis player left the fields and was dedicated to sell polo shirts in France.
Little by little they began to make themselves known throughout Europe. It is until 1950, when it comes to the United States. In 1972 the designer Ralph Lauren, popularized it, thanks to the collection of that year in which it debuted with 24 colors.

Classic And Its Variations

Gradually this garment began to be in all the closets of the knights and became a classicarticle of fashion. The way of carrying them, has been changing. At one time several polo shirts were worn at the same time, recently worn with a raised collar, etc.
Perhaps inside or out, what is certain is that it has been a constant in fashion for many years.Women also use them. They even made dresses with this style of shirt.
There are several types: long or short sleeve. The common thing is that it has an opening in the front in which three buttons are placed to fit the neck. Some models have pockets and some do not.
The short sleeve polo shirt is one of the protagonists of the campaigns of spring-summer, adapts to all types of men, from the youngest to the oldest. As for the prices of these, they vary a lot, depending on the quality. They are ideal to wear on each occasion.

Polo Shirt Styles

Polo shirts were evolving, their materialsand manufacturing have been changing.There are brands that employ silk, for somewhat sophisticated designs. Others resort to the most common fabrics such as cotton that is still the most used for their clothing.
There are also materials such as polyester for use in the sports world. Brands like Nike and Adidas, have models to be used in tennis or golf. These models are usually designed with dry fit technology. With which it is avoided that the perspiration of the skin becomes a problem and for greater comfort of the athletes.
The color palette that is usually used for this garment is very varied, but there are classics that can not be missing in your closet: white, black, green, navy blue, etc.
The pink tonality, is one of the great reigning. It began to be used with suspicion at the beginning of the year 2000, but later all the men began to take them, without problem some.
The most common themes that are usually used for the design of these garments are the sailors with horizontal stripes. The elastic in the sleeves can not be missing. There are also double neck. There are brands that are remarkable that carry the number on the chest.
Nowadays, the polo t-shirts have been adjusted and they are a little more tight to the body and the arms. One of the styles that most liked recently, is the double and triple color edging used both in sleeves and neck.

How To Wear Men’s Polo Shirts Properly

Because polo shirts have a diversity of colors, styles and materials, you can combine them with any type of short or long pants. Take them to the beach or use them for occasions that are more formal.
One of the positive aspects of polo shirts is its versatility. You have to learn to play with her. It is practically as comfortable as wearing a short sleeve t-shirt, but achieving a more elegant and impeccable look.
This garment can be combined with jeans, Chinese, dress, jeans and even shorts.
As well as you can use with any type of pants, with the shoes you can also let your creativity fly. You can take from formal footwear, sports shoes, espadrilles, moccasins, nautical, etc.
There must be a consonance between the polo shirt that you wear and the pants. For example, if you use a slim fit model at the top-adjusted to the body and arms – the pants could be skinny or slim fit.
Colors should also be combined, neutral tones with dark ones. It is recommended that you avoid wearing polo shirts with torn or worn pants because they take away the magic of elegance to the garment.
To achieve a great look you can select poles that have smooth shades. Maybe it has a different color in the neck, or with ribs in the sleeves. Those of large logos or with very large numbers, use them, but in moderation-a certain time.

How Women Can Wear Polo

Girls can also benefit from the many ways of wearing a polo shirt. The key of style is that it does not take them loose and it accompanies them of accessory like showy necklaces, to bring her femininity.If you wear them loose, you’ll see a few extra pounds.You can use them to:

  1. Go to the office: a white polo shirt, you can wear it for a Friday casual wear. You’ll get a casual chic look.
  2. Be outdoors: you can wear your polo with shorts or shorts. To go out with your group of friends to walk in the park.
  3. Day to day: for those days where you have many things to do, nothing like using polo, jeans and comfortable shoes to be able to perform and the girls feel relaxed.
  4. Doing sport: there are several ways to take them, to make sports are comfortable, especially if you are passionate about golf.

Neck Care Of Polo Shirts

While it is one of the garments with which you can look good on any occasion, keep in mind that your neck is usually a little difficult to tame. This must be careful not to look coiled, curved, wrinkled or discolored. By investing a little more time to wash, this part of the shirt will always look cool.

  1. Remove the poles from the dryer, at the end of the cycle.
  2. Shake a little and start ironing, use distilled water, in a medium setting.Unfold the neck, flatten it and iron better.
  3. Put some starch in spray to assert the fabric and look cooler.Put it on and fold it so that it stays that way.
  4. Iron the top of the neck, then the rest of the shirt and go.

What do you think of these tips on how to wear men’s polo shirts? Hopefully you already have yours to try these style keys. We invite you to share in your social networks.