How to Wear Pajamas By Combining Comfort and Style in the Look

Check out ways to combine the piece in plain and printed fabrics and get inspired with the most varied looks from bloggers

As the name itself denounces, the pajama pants are a piece that lavishes comfort.This pants modeling is broader and is usually made with lightweight and fluid fabrics.For this reason, it is one of the most pleasant pants models for hot days.

Relaxed, the pajama pants are an ideal piece for the day-to-day.To break the casual climate a little, the tip of the fashion consultant Marcela Suzmeyan is to select the other elements of the look well.”Pajama bottoms ask for a little attention to detail, not to look sloppy.The bet is to wear t-shirts or shirts more just to the body, to abuse colors and pay attention to accessories, “says Marcela.

That way, although it has a kind of kinship with the costumes of sleep, this model also can be the right choice to compose looks in more formal occasions – an attractive option for those who do not want to give up comfort.To give an air of elegance to the look, the tip of Marcela is to invest in heels, thin fabrics and more sophisticated accessories.

Constant part in the international street style, the pajama pants are already part of the famous trousers like Rihanna, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba.In Brazil the model also wins the streets: the actress Maria Casadevall and bloggers like Lalá Noleto and Thássia Naves have already joined the trend.

To bet on pajama pants, check out tips for using models in both plain and printed fabrics.

Printed Pajama Trousers

The pajama pants in printed fabric will draw full attention to it, making it the main part of the look.To make up the look, bet on blouses, shirts and plain shirts.Although sober tones seem like the most logical choice, do not be afraid to invest in stronger colors!Coordinating the print of the trousers with the tone of the top is possible to create a harmonious and colorful set.

Footwear, bags and other accessories will be the differential of the look to adapt it to the occasion.For a more stripped-down effect, flat sandals, sneakers and espadrilles are a good choice.High-heeled shoes, necklaces, earrings and bracelets can help create a more “tidy” look.

When choosing the print, the tip is to take into account your body type.Lower people who do not want to draw attention to this should bet on smaller patterns.”Pants with very large prints will draw attention to the length of the legs, which can decrease the lower part of the body,”advises Marcela.

Flat pajama pants

Naturally, plain pajama pants are more discreet than printed ones.Thus, flat pants appear as a great option for anyone who wants to start using the model without dare with more flashy models.

This can also be a more attractive choice to put on more sober and elegant visuals with greater ease.With it, the top of the look can be the key piece: bet on prints, glitter and textures.

According to Marcela Suzmeyan, the plain pajama pants are ideal for people who have wide hips and do not want to highlight that part of the body.The combination of modeling the pants, which is more loose, with the prints will leave the hips in evidence.Flat parts in dark colors help create a stretching effect.

Find the right piece for you

By following the tips, you can already include the pajama bottoms in your wardrobe without fear and surrender to the comfort of the model.Check out the gallery some options in virtual stores:

13 looks to inspire you

Here’s how bloggers combined pajama bottoms to get more ideas on how you can use the piece!

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July 29, 2017

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