How to Wear Socks with Boots

In England and Scotland, this summer they had all. And it can be certain that if we had them, soon will come to us (as always late!). What I’m talking about? A autumn trend that I like a lot: combine with skirts, dresses or shorts boots (high or low they may be) with the socks. The idea, in my opinion is very pretty! In fact, girls, you already know from our streets in recent seasons but, this fall, will really must have!


In England the girls etiquette, interpreted the trend with a trench coat and dresses paired with boots rain just below the knee, stockings more or less light, more or less decorated arriving a few cm above the end of the boot leg or, alternatively, a few cm above the knee. Some instead decided to wear them on the socks. This is an alternative that I like less, because, in my opinion, makes it too charges the put and rilegherei only the most casual occasions. One idea from Mcat-test-centers s to match the socks with boots, sock and boot tone on tone in some kind of shade. An idea more? Match the sock to the knee (called Parisian) in ankle boots boots (or boots that come up to the ankle) such as biker boots. I find it very nice idea but suitable only to the most skinny legs (sigh sob!). Turning on the net I found a little ‘of photos and inspirations to interpret this trend and here is an interesting selection. What is your preferred solution?


I, too, this summer while I was in Scotland, I ventured in ‘interpretation of the trend and, having traveled the week before in England, as I could not copy the look bonton of English girls?So I decided to wear light socks and boots with a very masculine cut (but indispensable for rainy days), combined with a light leopard dress, a trench coat and a green bag – color stain. How about?


The purchase of socks is easy! First you assess the consistency of the tissue to be ok, not only for temperature but also for the style of the boot that you intend to go with it and then, attention to the length (remember it must be long enough to sprout from his boot and then measure it!). The socks you can find them virtually anywhere: from intimate stalls of street markets, H & M and underwear and socks chains like Goldenpoint and Calzedonia! To you shopping.