How to Wear Tiffany Green

Learn how to wear and match with the now iconic green-colored Tiffany: from formal wear to outfit every day.
It is a green and not blue but it is better known to all as “Tiffany Blue”: the famous color associated with known company Tiffany & Co, which has become an icon in the world. Just because it reminds the luxury and elegance of the brand this color is depopulated for years and does not seem to pass out of fashion. We can wear it in many ways: from shoes, to clothing to accessories.

1. Color Green Tiffany
Lt is a custom color created by Pantone and called “PMS 1837”, the number is the year the company was founded. In some countries (including the United States, the brand’s home) the blue Tiffany is a registered trademark.
The brand starts to use the blue Tiffany in 1845 and since then all packages, the packaging of jewelry and handbags are in that color.
The blue Tiffany has also been chosen by many brides especially in America for about traditional rhyming phrase that American and British brides repeated at weddings to remember what to wear for a nice ceremony without misfortunes:
“Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”
That “something blue” (something blue) in most cases is just an accessory blue colored Tiffany!

2. Clothing and Dresses Ceremony Tiffany Green

The marriage Tiffany Green is no longer just an American or English trend, more and more it is gaining ground here. In fact the color is very elegant and sophisticated but at the same time sober, perfect for ceremonies! In fact, favors suits, the confetti, the tables, the bridesmaids’ dresses, invitations, flowers and even the accessories of the bride and groom themselves.
The dresses Tiffany green ceremony are so many different varieties and especially those from maid. If the bride will wear white with colored Tiffany accessories then the bridesmaids can wear clothes of that color completely, even with white bouquet. If it is the bride to wear a completely colored dress Tiffany then the bridesmaids should choose a color or slightly lighter or slightly darker.
Even the bride can wear a Tiffany completely green or white dress with colorful details. Detailed colored Tiffany on a white dress can be a waistband or under the breast, a ribbon in her hair, earrings or necklace.
As for a totally green dress Tiffany is perfect, especially if made ​​of fabrics like the organza or chiffon that will give a touch of lightness to the look.

3. Green Shoes Tiffany

The Tiffany-colored shoes can seem difficult to wear but this bluish tint is perfect to match virtually anything don.
This color goes perfectly with denim, also if you wear Tiffany colored shoes you can easily combine them with the bag. The jewels can be matched easily to shoes.
For “shoes” also mean an infinite variety of models, not only with heels or dress shoes. Nike, for example, has launched a pair of sneakers Air Max right in this color in pastel version making them irresistible for those who would not normally be wearing plimsolls.
Tiffany Green is a cool color, the shoes so they will be well with an outfit with warm colors such as beige or cream color.
The white is a perfect match, a pair of jeans or white pants will stand out a lot together with the shoes color Tiffany. The shoes also you can always match to a makeup of the same color.
In any case, to avoid the risk of making a mistake in the middle of the color combinations you can opt for the good old all-black and for sure you will make the center!