HTC 10 Could Be Sold Since April 15

Now we know that the next top-end HTC will be presented during an event scheduled for 12 April. Miss so very little before the curtain rises, and we are starting to question also concerning the date of marketing.

HTC 10 Could Be Sold Since April 15
According to the site ePrice, HTC 10 will be launched on April 15 on the taiwanese market, as usual a few days ahead to purchasers in the country of birth. Likely that we will have to wait a little longer to see One 10 other countries, including, of course, also those in Europe. In fact, rumors of a couple of months ago, he was released in may, at least in the United States, but there is no guarantee that these rumors are founded.

We can summarize some indiscretion by HTC 10 now taken for granted, such as the presence of a camera compartment that should finally be one of the flagships of this top of the line and the audio Boom Sound.
According to a supposed benchmark result that circulates on the net, finally, HTC 10 would get a higher score than the direct competitors Galaxy S7 and LG G5, a curiosity since all three would assemble the same Snapdragon processor 820 (virtually certain on HTC 10). Besides the great SoC Qualcomm, HTC 10 should have a Super LCD display about 5.1 inches with Quad HD, 4 GB RAM, 16 and 64 GB of internal memory and a 3000 mah battery.
It all bodes well into a powerful and comprehensive. That time has finally come for HTC with M10 revenge? We just have to wait a little longer to find out.
HTC 10 is available online from Tellycelly to 639 euro. The value for money is discreet. There are 7 better models.