HTC 10 Officially Unveiled

The HTC 10 is finally official. The expectations of the device are enormous both on the part of the customers, as well as the manufacturer. Find out what brings the new flagship with it, how much it should cost and much more, here in our post.
Until recently current flagship of HTC was presented at the Mobile World Congress 2015 and was one of the highlights of the evening. The premium hardware in the first place shows that the Taiwanese manufacturer has made a lot of effort, to offer the least what the manufacturer is also achieved technically for its customers. But with regard to the design, had to HTC much

criticism for its take and rightly: HTC showed a little arrogance, in which it claimed to have that you must make any changes a so great Smartphone design. Which was not at all so. With its predecessors, it was the poor display surface ratio, what came about logo below the screen and the space-consuming BoomSound speakers through the large display edges, the HTC, which had to encounter powerful criticism. The company seems finally to have finally responded to the criticism with the HTC 10.
Design – HTC responds to criticism
The design had to add HTC neatly and has done it. The HTC 10 comes back in an aluminum housing.However, the edges of the back of this time are highly beveled, what will surely be his lover, but not particularly appeals to me. The front is now free from the HTC logo and has smaller display edges, accommodates large speaker holes. Below the screen, a home button is found, which doubles as a fingerprint sensor. Left and right next to the sensor, we find two capacitive buttons. The front like it a lot more. Overall, HTC has done a good job with the new flagship, if also the back with chamfered edges is a matter of taste. A mix from the HTC 10 front and one M9 I would like back personally. Anyway is a good looking Smartphone the HTC 10 and high on an absolute high level.
Technical data
The rumors to the HTC 10 have confirmed there are no big surprises to the technical equipment. The Snapdragon 820 4 gigabyte memory to the page are the works inside. The display has grown with 5.2 inches not only in size, but also the resolution is now grown with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. The technology here is super-LCD-5. This is the black values approach produced very close to AMOLED, but this we will see closer in a test. The battery of the HTC 10 whopping 3,000 mAh dimensions and load in 30 minutes to 50%. As a port, USB serves C type. The internal memory is 32 gigabytes (there are no more versions for Europe) and can be expanded with a MicroSD card. Otherwise, there are still Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, Wi-Fi a/b/c, NFC and LTE with up to 400 megabits downstream and 50 megabits to preparation.
BoomSound speakers
As mentioned above, there is no speaker holes on the front this time. However, HTC promises a great stereo sound. The speaker on the bottom of the Smartphone for the bass should be designed and the speakers to the earpiece for the heights. Overall, this to be an excellent sound, we would of course be sure test.
Camera – finally sound quality?
According to the HTC you have focused particularly on the camera, in order to allow the users to finally high-quality photos. A 12 mega pixel camera with built-in image stabilizer is installed. The pixel count is decreased compared to the previous version, however it has expanded pixels to make the camera light sensitive. The f / 1.8 lens is protected by a Sapphire Crystal and a laser auto focus helps with focusing. Of course there is also a bi-color LED with on board. The front-facing camera 5 mega pixels and has an optical image stabilizer as the first front-facing camera in a Smartphone. There’s still a 12-bit RAW function for the main camera.
Price & availability
The HTC 10 is available now and costs €699 (EIA). The flagship of the Taiwanese in the colours is availableTopaz gold, Glacial Silver and carbon grey. The 2nd week of may will be delivered then.
Overall, HTC 10 seems to be a successful instrument. The hardware is up to date, the camera has been improved and revised the design makes sense. We are now looking forward, as the new flagship in the test results. Whether the Smartphone HTC from the crisis will be, we will see, because in my opinion the innovations that let stand the device from the ground are missing on the speakers. We’ll see.
These were the rumors around HTC 10:
Withdrawal of predecessors with new name
The HTC one M10 is loud phone arena not be released under this name. This will supposedly be the big difference from its predecessors. HTC wants to thus creating a distinction to this Smartphone. The new flagship Smartphone will bear the name of HTC 10.
The “Pro Leaker” Evan BLASS (evleaks) and Steve Hemmerstoffer (onleaks) an interesting duel fought on March 4. Both released new information about the new flagship of HTC in the open slugfest. While Evan Blass initially declared that the new smartphone without the addition “One M” will come out and probably 10 HTC will bear the name, Hemmerstoffer just posted a picture of the supposed prototype.
At the latest with the one (m7) was aware that HTC able to produce very high-quality smartphone each.With the M8, it has improved the design of its predecessor once again. However, there were a few points that were still to be correct. But that was not so bad at the time of the M8. The next flagship had to be there but something do. We become even more concrete: the HTC flagships were indeed precious and pretty to look at, but Apple and Samsung have impressively shown with their devices, that one can build nice looking smartphones are still lightweight and thin. The Smartphones from HTC are simply too heavy and too bulky.
A further major point of criticism was the tremendously bad display surface area ratio. Even in the serious: such huge display edges, combined with incredibly space-consuming BoomSound speakers? That is simply no longer up to date for a flagship of this class. This is the HTC logo below the screen, which is justified even by HTC so that the hardware must be accommodated somewhere. If your competitor’s get to build borderless displays, then you must can also, HTC!
We did not gel Act image, but now it has finally come. A figure unearthed in the Internet to allegedly show the new flagship from the front. In contrast to its predecessor, this model seems – at last – to have a larger display surface area ratio. The boom sound speakers are gone, just like the HTC logo. We have a sensor or home button as well for the one A9 at the bottom. Altogether the front acts tidy and minimalist, simple and beautiful. Accordingly the HTC one M10 is likely to be more compact something than its predecessors.
Official teaser image from HTC
The idea of the M10 (or how ever it does mean) is fast approaching. HTC has reminded of the Mobile World Congress in the course, there will be soon yet another flagship model for the mobile market.Companies from Taiwan to be tried with an official teaser image to draw attention. On the screen, the outlines of the upcoming smartphones are to guess. Most likely, also here is polished aluminum.
Official video online
Once we have received a first tea image directly from the manufacturer, HTC now brings a first video to the singing on the idea of the new flagship. Much to see there is no in this clip though. Us is mediated through a speaking voice that one is so obsessed with “obsessed”, and that in a positive sense. The voltage is raised on the part of HTC so and this time it is already a kind of promise that gives off HTC.Everything will be better, everything will be different, but look yourself.
Again new images
A few months ago, there was still no evidence the new flagship. For the leaks flooding us now. OnLeaks post more pictures of the new HTC Smartphone on his Twitter account.
From the front, the Unit looks very similar to the one A9. However, the polished edge striking closer looking at which seems to be black in colour. The HTC logo has disappeared along with the boom sound speakers. Overall, the front looks elegant.
At the back, HTC has gone another way as we know it by its predecessors. Those were still rounded and soft, this Smartphone to the edges is strongly slanted. Whether that is necessarily beautiful, of course lies in the eye of the beholder. The base houses as guessed C a type connector, as well as a microphone and speakers.
And blithely continue with the Leakbildern, the HTC 10. This time we see the Smartphone operating system running. At first glance, there seems to be no major changes in the HTC sense interface. It is in overall very tidy.
First beautiful Renderbilder
So far, there was no beautiful pictures of the HTC 10, or as it is called. Now, first pictures have surfaced on which the device shows in all its glory.
Technical data
The HTC 10 will be equipped with the latest top hardware. Specifically, we’re talking about a Snapdragon 820 processor including Adreno 530 graphics unit, the 4 gigabyte memory will stand aside. The display will measure a diagonal of 5.2 inches and resolve with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Still a home button on the front is on the “leak”images, which will include a fingerprint sensor with overwhelming probability. It is however unclear whether you can actually physically put him, or whether he acts just as sensor, as we already know it by the one A9. As a port, HTC built the rumored USB type C.
A highlight is to represent the camera of HTC 10. So far the one models at this level not convinced yet. According to a Twitter post from LlabTooFeR, the Smartphone under the code name running “Parchment” with a MX377 sensor from Sony is to be equipped. It has a resolution of 12 megapixels and is including in the nexus models 5 X and 6 p installed. The front camera is to continue to be “Ultra pixel camera” equipped with a 5.
But also the front-facing camera will know to convince, because apparently they will have installed an optical image stabilizer, you could find only in the main camera of top smartphones.
No AMOLED but for 3,000 mAh battery
Evan Blass has bailed out again a few information about the HTC 10. So no AMOLED screen to give Twitter post that’s his. Instead, a super LCD display will be installed. In addition, he announces the battery capacity. She should be 3,000 mAh and would thus greater than with its predecessor (approx. 2,800 mAh).
New speakers in the HTC 10
HTC has announced new BoomSound speakers. On a tea image to write: “the new sound, more than just boom. You will hear it”. On the picture you can see only a close record of (presumably) the speaker holes.Has it come up about something innovative? Audio 10 is called the new technology, or whatever it is. On April 12, we’ll see it!
Three versions planned?
HTC seems to plan latest rumors equal to three versions of the next flagship. Therefore, it should be in addition to the standard top model (Snapdragon 820, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory) a premium version with snapdragon 820, 4 GB memory, and 128 GB internal memory and a mini or Lite version with snapdragon 625 and 3 GB memory type. The internal memory of the middle – or upper-class model will be 16 GB. The price starts at $ 548 dollars for the slimmed-down version, ranging over 768 dollars for the standard model up to 908 dollars for the premium Smartphone. Something else is definitely cheap.
HTC is hugely under pressure and must do everything right. The question is whether HTC is still “cool” enough and do not become cramped. Supposedly the Manager of the company should have rejected mercilessly first designs from the new smartphone. Risky innovations are made only once back. Now it is a solid, to bring almost perfect smartphone. We are very excited about. Many HTC fans can enjoy this year on an improved high-end model from HTC, which steam under the hood to make the current competitors.