HTC M10: Four Colors at Launch

Published a new leaked image are shown in which the four colors of the smartphone HTC 10. revealed what may be the official names of these colors: For more, the same leaker Carbon Gray, Glacial Silver in double version with shell front in white and black and Topaz Gold.

HTC M10 Four Colors at Launch
TC 10 in (clockwise from top L): carbon gray, glacier silver (white face), glacier silver (black face), topaz gold.
HTC 10 again protagonist of this earlier this week, thanks to new render of the device, which would put it very clear all color variants of the next flagship of the Taiwanese. In the new image, published a few hours, is where all the colors that will be available at launch. for a total of four.
From top right, we have a HTC 10 completely black in front and behind, the same as we have seen in recent pictures leaked in recent days, followed by the all-white variant, flanked by golden color but only affects the back, with the front panel that would remain white, and finally, an unusual combination behind white and black front, which could be a pleasant alternative than the other three.
very attractive colors and a lot more varied than the previous top of the range, with which HTC seems to want to cut forever, trying to start again with a completely new product, to re-emerge and once again become the brand enjoying a time globally .
HTC 10 is available online from Lawschoolsinusa at 764 Euros.