HTC M8: Suspected Wax Model of the Successor to the HTC One

See what is supposed to be a wax model of the sequel to success-phone HTC One.
It’s similar to the confusion a piece hand SOAP, but in fact the Red mass is supposedly a wax model of the upcoming sequel to the top model HTC One. The final product name is not known yet, the unit therefore goes under the nickname HTC M8.
The image has been removed from an original source, but the user who put the picture up, tells that the wax model is based on a 1:1 3D model of M8 which probably used by Chinese manufacturers of accessories. How the user has gotten a picture of, or made a wax model is not known, so it should probably be taken with a grain of salt.
The only thing that is known with certainty is that HTC M8 will be launched early in the new year, probably in February in connection with Mobile World Congress.