HTC One M10 Camera Review

The name seems confirmed: the HTC one M10 is surfaced with exactly this name on a Web page by HTC. Parallel, it published a photo sample which reveals some of the properties of the camera.
The HTML code of a Web page of the company from Taiwan should have revealed the name of the product “HTC One M10”, reported, citing the Dutch page TechTastic PhoneArena. Screenshots of the page seem to prove that HTC actually already lists the Smartphone in its list, between the HTC one E9 + in the dual-SIM version, and the HTC one M8.
Revelation Is Expected In The Spring
HTC is still seem to be some time before the HTC one M10 is officially unveiled. Currently, it would probably perish between the competition’s new top devices like the LG G5 or the Galaxy S7. According to PhoneArena, the notion of the Smartphone with the code name “Perfume” will take place probably sometime in the spring. This fits with rumors that predict a presentation in April.
HTC One M10 On Publisher's Web Site Showed Up - Confirmed 12-MP Camera
Also a photo sample has found its way to the public, which according to the camera of HTC one M10 with 12 MP should resolve. Also this rumor is already for a long time in the room. The picture shows a keyboard – and whose metadata you want to confirm at the same time the M10 camera f/1.9 shutter. That the camera is in focus will be the presentation, HTC has indicated only recently itself: the CFO Chialin Chang hinted at a “very, very compelling camera experience” in an interview.
The display of the HTC one M10 should measure 5.1 or 5.2 inches in diagonal and dissolve in QHD. Also the Smartphone to the release is expected to be available in three variants of storage: 16, 32 and 64 GB storage space. Also a photo of smartphones including the new sense UI has been released.