HTC: Why Does It Take Time to Prepare the Android Updates

Tech giant HTC now shows why updates fail to reach out to their customers with the same.
Apple has, since the launch of the iPhone, not had the snerten of competition when it comes to getting as many customers onto the latest version of its mobile operating system, but it could easily change in the future.
We see as a growing tendency for many mobiles of Android system, now being launched with a so-called stock-Android (without the use of special manufacturer-customized skins) that makes your phone more accessible for new updates.
HTC is also started on this, but retains, however, also “Sense” interface, as they have tremendous success with on, among other things, HTC One. So when Google launches a new version of Android, there is a part which must be done before porting work customers can benefit from the new features from the search giant.
The process in pictures
HTC has now on their American website posted “The Anatomy Of An Android OS Update”, which visualizes the process, as the company must go through with chip manufacturers and operators. It writes our site.
There are views of the matter, and frustrated Android users who eagerly waiting to it will be their turn, can undoubtedly form a picture of why it takes time for mobile manufacturers to customize Android for their cell.