Huawei Ascend Mate 7: The 5 Best Photo Tips

The Huawei Ascend mate 7: the camera of smartphones offers good shots with the resolution of 13 MP good prerequisites for successful pictures. But the number of megapixels alone is no guarantee for professional-looking photos. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to take pictures with the Ascend Mate 7 so that you can achieve better results at the end with the camera.
Correct Use Of The Motif In Scene
For a good photo, it is important that the subject is well lit even when shooting with the Ascend Mate 7. Also, you should always ensure that located the object as possible before a calm background; unless you want to give back as real a scene, for example, at a concert.
Huawei Ascend Mate 7 The 5 Best Photo Tips
Also you should approach as close as possible when photographing the object. Although the camera of the Ascend mate 7 offers a zoom function – this often leads to grainy images. Looks so close to the object and tried several angles before you pressed the shutter button.

Tips For Quick Snapshots
The Huawei Ascend Mate 7 offers you many possibilities to quickly access the camera app. So you can change for example from the Gallery directly in the shooting mode. To, you must wipe down only when you are at the upper end of the gallery.
With the Ascend Mate 7, you can even record images, if your phone is locked. Only twice, you must tap the “volume down” side of the volume button to take a snapshot. For Selfies, you can use the fingerprint sensor, also if you are in camera mode. A countdown appears until the camera after the tapping.
Easily Edit Photos
If you want to quickly edit a photo to publish it for example directly in a social network such as Facebook or Instagram this in the gallery view of the camera app can do. Selects the appropriate photo to and tap the icon with the box and which is the forward slash. Then, her image can cut, rotate, or add effects.

  • Pay attention when taking pictures with the Ascend Mate 7 ensure that your subject is well lit
  • Is as close as possible to the object up and does not have the zoom
  • Accesses from the gallery or the lock screen to the camera app
  • Use the fingerprint sensor for a self portrait with countdown
  • Edited the photos in the Gallery, to be able to share it directly with acquaintances and friends