I wonder If Samsung Is Working on a Padfone-Concept?

There are more indications emerged up there suggests that the Tech giant could work on a Galaxy with “Padfone-concept”.
Quite as expected, so will the rumors, ahead of both CES and the subsequent MWC, the excitement never, and tech giants get lots of media attention.
In the past we have made a review of ASUS’ The New Padfone there is a high-end Android smartphone that can be docked on the back of a tablet.
Rumors says Samsung will be with
Now it is reported that Samsung could work on a Galaxy with a similar concept. It writes our site.
The rumors are based inter alia on the unknown device, which have sprung up in the benchmarks, and as we have said here on our site. The matter is for the fact that two different benchmarks-sites have showcased two display sizes on the mysterious device.
In addition, Samsung has recently been approved brand “Samsung Hit” which easily could be the name for the upcoming and combined unit from tech-giant. Samsung also has this summer been awarded patent on the concept with a smartphone that is docked in a tablet.
In other words, it is unknown if Samsung really working on a concept similar Padfone from ASUS, or whether it is a question of special specifications for 2 different versions of Galaxy S5, as previously described.
Would you be interested if Samsung presented a combined smartphone and tablet?