Ideas for a Children's Garden

Every parent knows: there is nothing better than a good breath of fresh air for children.But how do you weight face to the PlayStation, Xbox, tablets and laptops of all kinds?
The first thing to do is to plant his garden with games and areas reserved for them. You will be surprised to find that children gladly leave the computer for a trampoline, a swing, or a cabin to gather friends. Think about it, you will see that it is quite easy to create small spaces without sacrificing the charm of your exterior. However, keep in mind that a child will ever spend in a garden where each sheet is in its place.

Draw up a battle plan
Take the time to sit in the garden with your entire family, and take a tour of what you want: a sandbox, a swing, a trampoline, a garden room, a fountain, a garden, planters, pool, etc. Roughly draw a plan where the different areas will appear. You can’t not everything in – unless you have a huge land-and will probably have to make choices.
Try to create areas based on the atmosphere that there will reign. For example, there are strong chances that you will place the terraces which need to be tidy, trampolines and swings will be further away, in a more casual space near the House.
Let the child who is in you
It’s certainly what did the owner of this garden. Smart, he used the slope to create a cement slide and also installed a rope to go back. And he has even set up a small sandbox at the bottom of the garden. All these games have been designed in the style of the House and the garden, to which they fit perfectly.
Think long term
Play areas may well adjacent spaces of relaxation for adults. For example, we can integrate a sandbox with sand to a terrace or hang a swing from the rafters of a pergola.When the children are grown up, the sandbox of this pretty wooden Pavilion will be transformed in basin or Brazier.
Set up wild areas to serve as hiding places
There is not always time to take the children explore nature. So why not create a little wild in your garden? You can leave a tree around which you’d let grass grow a little longer. It’s a good start to have a real corner of nature. And if this tree is strong enough, it can even withstand a cabin.
Group equipment
You will earn the square with swings, toboggans and gambling houses. On the ground, prefer a paving or bark chips, less fragile than the lawn. You should also know that there are special surfaces for play areas, some of which are in recycled materials.
Create multifunctional spaces
It’s a good solution when we don’t have a lot of room. For example, children can find interest in a vegetable garden, where they will grow their own vegetables. We can install a sandbox all close, pave the floor of a beautiful mosaic and scare the birds with a scarecrow. In this garden of Perth, Australia, round containers where grow vegetables serve as a tray for sand.
Build a cabin
Older kids love having a place to them, prohibited for adults. Simple cube-shaped shelter will keep them busy for hours. If you are not handy, or if you need to install it near your patio, buy a ready-made cabin. Otherwise, build it yourself. Even better, ask your children to help you! Try to use the most possible of recycled materials (floorboards, wood, bricks, old furniture, stem falls), found with friends who are doing the work, on the sidewalk or even in some flea markets.

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Make a small room for nature
Give up a part of your garden for bees, butterflies, birds, frogs, all these little animals that inhabit nature. Here, plants were selected to attract bees and butterflies, and you can sit on the strains to observe. We could also dig a shallow pond (secure if young children have access) where frogs and dragonflies would have found refuge.
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Set up paths for bicycles…
The paved paths are ideal for bikes, scooters, the skateboards and buggies. And they are indispensable in the regions where winters are rainy.
… And space to frolic
The lawn is an ideal place to play the ball, continue the dog, run under the stream of water or simply lie down during the summer.
Don’t miss the bargains
Check out auction sites and peel ads in newspapers: it is not uncommon to find trampolines, swings and birdhouses, and often at half price! For a swing, don’t forget that an old tire can quite do the trick.
Avoid toxic plants
Many plants have leaves, flowers, fruits or toxic SAP: arum flowers, daffodil bulbs, azaleas, rhododendrons, Gaboon, delphiniums, digital, the ellebores and the lobelias.the leaves of boxwood (Buxus), calendula, rhubarb, and tomatoes; the berries and seeds of clivia, cycads, cytises, Melia, PRIVET, sweet peas and Wisteria; and the SAP of spurge and frangipani.
Protect your children from the Sun
Always ensure that the sandboxes, wading pools, and all the places where children play are in the shade. Install them under a tree, or shelter them under a veil, a canopy or umbrella.