If Don't Have Shoes Black & White… Not Going to Fashion

My obsession of the day? Go in search and capture all those that look a black and white bicolor shoe to find out where they are. And is that it has gotten me between the eyes I want one and it has been decide it and set me that during the Fashion weeks passes have been many (many) who have worn them.

Type oxford, with platform, touch dandy or loot. No matter the shape or style, they they were divine and you know what’s cool.

Add a touch of dandy

Although if I have to choose a few models of all groups do them with the male and oxford type. More specifically as lucid models by Leandra Medine y Giovanna Battaglia at the Paris Fashion Show. Can they be more divine? I want one so already in my closet! ALREADY!

Climb to the heights

The platforms of Celine this autumn 2013 they are not discrete, but nor do they call everyone’s attention. His platform becomes the best ally for the girls of low-altitude as I do that we want to grow several centimeters of stroke, although that does not prevent that the models touch the sky with them or the girls as Gaia Repossi.

Do you prefer a booty?

But if what you prefer is a booty that capture your foot in this color duo, you can look at how people like the charismatic look them Miroslava Duma. The heel height depends on the model and these are They combine as one wishes.

Good, beautiful, and ‘cheap’ options

If, after seeing the examples and read the post urgently need a model to make a part of your collection, here are several examples. I already have my favorite in mind composed of a few flat forms and some moccasins very Michael Jackson in black and white. Although the oxford and the model of two buckles I also like. Eh, a moment! And I need those ending in tip for my day to day (also). I think I have a serious problem to choose… What you will conquer you?

  • Flatbeds of ASOs, 47,17 EUR.
  • Monochromatic Oxford shoes of New Look, 26,94 EUR.
  • Flat shoes with metallic detail of ASOs, 60.65 euros.
  • High heels in two tones with laces and platform of Shellys London, 114,56 euros.
  • Flat leather with laces and toe shoes of KG by Kurt Geiger, 161,74 euros.
  • Leather moccasin’s Mango, 69.99 EUR.
  • High heel booties and terminated at end of ASOs, 64,69 euros.
  • Shoes with two buckles from KG by Kurt Geiger, 161,74 euros.