I'm Pregnant and… Now What to Wear?

You know that I do not usually write woman fashion but… moms deserve to make an exception. The question arises at all when we were pregnant and gut starts to grow. And now, what to wear? Physical change is forcing change of wardrobe for a few months and… also to go shopping.
Fashion brands have batteries and there are many options.
The body of a pregnant woman is beautiful, we are proud of our gut and have to wear it!!
And… also have to opt for comfortable solutions for breastfeeding, we have to think of everything and does not serve any shirt.
Mit Mat Mamá has a good deal of jeans, dresses, t-shirts and leggings, fiesta, etc as described in topschoolsoflaw.com… They also have online store for what you can get an idea of its style and prices from home.
H & M, C & A, KIABI, La Redoute, Top Shop and GAP, are large chains that have a section dedicated to the maternity clothes. It is easy and convenient to find the basics that you’ll need these months. Many of them also designed for breastfeeding.
Shop Mommy is an online store where you will find a wide offer and not only clothes but pregnancy products such as pillows, creams, safety belts, etc., and very useful things also for nursing.
For MOM has stores in Madrid and Barcelona. They have clothes for every day until pre-mama wedding dresses. They have a blog in which suggest you different looks. It is interesting to take a look!
1 et 3 1 font, is a French brand that have retail outlets in Madrid and Barcelona. Clothing casual but, really, for generous pockets.
And my favorite, without a doubt, original, modern, versatile garments with soft tissues is Baobabs. One of its strengths is that they not only serve for the pregnancy but are garments designed for use during lactation and later. And is manufactured in Spain, today, for me, is a plus. You can check your points of sale on the web because I am sure that you will want to get some of your clothes.
You have no excuse to not suit of wardrobe to your pregnancy!
Happy day!