Image of The Week: from Prototypes to Google Glass and The Decalogue from Its Myths

While we could enter into contradictions, thus Google Glass It remains today a step towards the final commercial product, Google teaches us this week the prototypes that have passed their smart glasses.
And it is that a device characteristics, which comes to be a smartphone with a completely renovated form factor, does not reach its final stage spontaneously. Rather, the image you see above represents change during the two years prior to the presentation glass.
It is curious to see how it has left aside the conventional format of glass, which began in laboratory glasses not just reduced, and has gone through versions with plus and minus cables, reducing the overall size of the equipment in each.

The Decalogue of the myths about Glass

Google Glass equipment also has been quick to condemn myths many of the drawbacks common to this device, in the form of ten commandments:

  • Glass is the ultimate distraction from real-world
  • Glass are always enabled and recording it all
  • The Glass Explorers are worshippers of technology geeks
  • Glass ready for launch
  • Glass brings facial recognition (and other dodgy things)
  • Glass covers your eyes
  • Glass is the perfect surveillance system
  • Glass are only for those privileged that they afford them
  • Glass is prohibited everywhere…
  • Glass points at the end of privacy

A defensive move by Google, from the not a few controversial points concerning to your glasses, and the difficulty with which are to maintain its restrictions on software, in addition to social rejection caused by having a camera in his face, is enabled or not.