In 2016 These Apps Tea Will Help to Fulfill Your Purposes

Eat healthy, drink all the water you recommend health, leaving authorities in smoking, breathe properly, or get more exercise. You take years proponiendotelo every end of the year, but you lack willpower and tenacity. Or these apps that you present below and that they will help you to get it once and for all.

Yes every year you propose give a twist to your life and each year fail miserably in the attempt, not you Tuk. You’re not a disaster as you think, nor your strength of will of has left to go to help Gwyneth Paltrow in his perfect life style. It’s just that change all your health habits is much harder than we imagined, nothing to do with trying and make it. Also have more determination than you think: you get each day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!), can go to your boss and you fans not to sweets daily. Already do more than many, isn’t it?

Then, why you never get meet your good new year’s resolutions? Why are palmando so much pasta in a share of a gym that never go, today you’ve drunk you nor a mere glass of water and fruit rots in the drawer of your refrigerator? Well, is that willpower is not one thing that turns from one day to another. You need to grow little by little. Is the same as a muscle that have to train on a daily basis to get any result. Even scientists have very clear how the thing at all: as billions of neurons interact with each other to become a paragon of virtues, but what they do know is that all This process occurs in a place of your brain called the prefrontal cortex, It is in charge of short term memory and abstract problems. Okay, but what has that to do with my lack of desire to reject another ration of twisted roll of Kings? In part is related to our ability to do hundreds of things at the same time and in this State, with the head with a jug of things, it is easier to make decisions such as choosing another ration of roscón.

Ok, ok. Then What can we do for this year get off once and for all the objectives that we have set ourselves? Therefore, although it seems lie, the solution is in your mobile phone. Today you can find a lot of apps that can help you build your strength of will.

Eat healthier

Weight Watchers: so if your goal is to lose those kilillos post-Christmas as lead healthier lives, this application assigned you food points. You can eat everything, but with a control balancing the calories you eat and without feeling you’re doing diet.

P.V.P.: Please check prices here.

This application can tune with other health devices, to count each step you give and earn more points.

Quit smoking

NicoStopper It is a personal trainer in your mobile phone that helps you to adjust the level of anxiety to quit. The tool has four programs – three of neglect and one of self-control-to break the addiction, reducing the nicotine in a progressive and non-traumatic way.

P.V.P.: €3.59.

They have a trial program, so that you go to the idea before it reaches the 2016.

Drink more water

Water your body, an application for your mobile phone that sends you notifications to remind you that you have to drink water. And the best: calculate your ideal intake according to your weight and personal needs.

P.V.P.: Free.

Another advantage of this great application? It costs one euro.

Get more exercise

Endomondo It is a revolutionary application that allows you to monitor everything you do, da like what is your favourite sport. So as not to lose motivation. You can also share your records with other people through different social networks like Facebook.

P.V.P.: Free (Basic version).

Download this app now and not only will you do more sport, also devolverás your brother-in-law all grilled has given you by Facebook with their records.

Drinking fewer cups

Change4life, an application that helps you keep track of the cups you drink and scolds you when you jump you maximum intake recommended for a person of your sex, age and characteristics. A ‘must’ If you want to exit without losing papers.

P.V.P.: Free.

You can also take your mother’s glasses so that you look with reproach, but it is not as practical as you download this app.

Controlling these costs

MoneyWiz It will help you create budgets, control accounts and invoices and even generate forecasts in the future. It carries out registration of expenses and income, adjustment of balance, transfers between accounts and serves to set our overhead as mortgage, loans, etc. In addition, he oversees budgets and inform you until things go wrong. But without that you fall off the face of shame, as when you call the Bank’s.

P.V.P.: 4,49€.

You mean this application that buy that dress is something vital this month?

Forget once and for all your former

With Eternal Sunshine You can do that any update of the profile of your ex you appear on Facebook even if you have him as friend. Eyes that do not see, out of mind, but in any case no one will take you as a niñata that it has deleted all.

P.V.P.: Free.

Not only you will be able to hide the profile of your ex, but also of all those people that already you have nothing in common but do not dare to break.

Do not lose concentration

Simple Pomodoro It is perfect for those who can not concentrate easily, and is that it will help you to combine 25 minutes of concentration by 5 rest, being able to devote full attention to a task, without getting too tired. Only for Android

P.V.P.: Free.

During that run, with so many things to see and to look at your social networks, it is difficult to resist the temptation, but this app will help you to get it.

Fulfill your purposes will not be an easy task, the sacrifices are always sacrifices, but with the help of a good application the road to success will be easier. And it will give you the impression that you’re not alone. Best wishes!

Photos: Kevin Dooley

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