In the Absence of Toms, Good are Paez

In United States years ago, causing furor even though here in Spain it is difficult. The the Toms landing announced a few months ago, and now, had little success. I personally declare fan of them: are a comfortable shoe, ultra light and it works with the neediest children.

Yes, there is nothing special, but perhaps it is this caracteristoica that differentiates them from others. I was surprised when this week walking around Barcelona I spent by Brownie and saw them. I am surprised to see new prints, because on my last visit to USA I ’empollé’ as never all its models and there was not one that would coincide.
It was then when I realized the detail: instead of Toms called Paez. Originating from Argentina, This shoe is exactly the same as the previous ones, that Yes, with prints of the most varied. For this summer 2012 You can choose between bright colors such as red or yellow, passing through a print of hearts or surprise with a mixture of plain squares. Is the price? €39.
But it is not the only company that has been inspired by the American, as Mustang It has launched versions for the most cosmopolitan man.
And you, you have longer convinced by this type of footwear?