In the Future You Might Be Able to Let the Battery While You Let the Water

New research, with the support of Microsoft-founder, must now look at how tis can be converted into power.
We are usually subject to weather playing field when it comes to transform solar energy and wind energy to usable power.
Here, there could be need a good alternative, which is not in the sense is beyond our reach. British scientists have found a solution to that get transformed tis to energy, and also faced the Gates Foundation with the support of the project. It writes our site.
As it is clear in the video, so there is therefore no question of a finished product that can keep current on all your gadgets, but rather proof that waste materials can be used for any energy-friendly and meaningful.
So we should probably not expect urine-powered smartphones in the near future, but perhaps festival guests in the future can hit 2 birds with one stone, when they still comes by on behalf of nature in the summer heat.