Indie Gala Brings Its Third Android Games Pack Offer

We are starting to get used to the packs of games at price of balance that float around the Internet, as the already known Humble Bundles and its competition, the Indie Galas. This is already the third edition that make one thought for Android devices, the previous two being can receive a good response from consumers.
In this third edition just games also compatible with PC, as at the moment it only is one, and two games for PC is added to the second week. The rules are clear: pay what you want, you decide where the money is going and if you exceed a certain amount, which is the average of all the contributions, you have access to more games. The games are Inspirational without DRM.
The games that you can get for any amount are as follows

  • Chimpact
  • Trainz Simulator
  • 9th Dawn

If you decide to exceed the average contribution, to the time of writing is 3.80 dollars, you have also these games.

  • Bag It!
  • Great Big War Game
  • Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack (also on Desura)
  • Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone
  • Trainz Driver

Finally, within a week will be more games, in particular, will be a game more than Android and other two games that you can play on the computer. Offer ends within 15 days, but if you want the full pack best buy it as soon as possible to be able to get it at one lower price.