Instagram and LinkedIn, Those RSS That Are Used for Linking (Only for Experts)

The go to your friend not wanting to party and find the love of your life by coincidences the destination is something that already doesn’t happen much. And go to the supermarket for tomatoes and know to the Blue Prince who had life waiting It is virtually impossible. Today frogs and Princes they are Tinder and other social networks do that thing of yesteryear has been passé. And even if one refuses in resounding to fall in This type of practice, the truth is that there are RSS who was born with a goal and many use it for linking.

It is the case of Instagram o LinkedIn, there one can encounter the love of his life without wanting to. Today may be a good day to change your status and pass maiden alone – with a touch of Bridget Jones – the bride’s. Only we must be vigilant and not miss any opportunities.

Specializing in online dating websites come to invoice of EUR 60 million per year

But this of linking on the internet is nothing new, it comes for many years when they began the chats online one knew where people from all over the world. What’s more, sites specialized for this purpose as eDarling invoice of EUR 60 million per year. So, people adapt to the new times and scanning grows, is therefore that of before now is not. If were not enough, many people dares to say that courtship in person has died. To get an idea of the situation, is an estimated 40 million people they are used online dating services only in United States. Do you use them in our country…?

Hi5, you started it all

I know, Messenger is possibly one of the first social networks that existed, and many (myself included, why not?) link through this chat. But to be able to talk to someone you should know your email address and that was one linked to people who had already previously known (at least to ask him his email). But with the arrival of Hi5 in 2003… The doors were opened to an unknown world where people from different cities were eyes across the screen (and with a well selected profile photo). Later came Tuenti – the traditional version to this social network-, finally opening up a Facebook profile. Give a touch someone became the new lost, and people did not hesitate to jump into the pool to meet new people.

What happens with Tinder & Cia.?

Tinder, adopts a uncle, Happn… There are many PPPs that have been created to link according to a range of geolocation. But what started as a place to meet people has become a jungle where the guys go to machete and don’t know what to find. People is tired of go dismissing the same pattern of person and looking for something more – without knowing very well what-. Therefore, look for new alternatives and look at people through profiles that were not born with this intention is the new trend. Look at the career of someone and invite him to join your LinkedIn account can lead to future appointments. Or who knows, between photo and photo there is someone who writes you a message directly on Instagram is effectuated from you.

Don’t know if it is the shame of recognizing that we are looking for couple or that we are determined to find someone the old-fashioned, but this type of app is not yet very well seen (especially by those people who have been in couple years already and have not had the opportunity to experiment with a new technology).

Flirting expert level

Wallapop, the place where one can sell anything that will pass through your mind also serves to link. Last year–driven by the potential of your app – they created a market for singles called #wallasingles, and it is that it has reached a point that selling is the least. You know, one wants to get rid of the relics of the family, contact any interested and to stay… Wham! They jumping sparks and Fireworks. Anything can happen and these startup open new alternatives to expand their market and thus win more public. And we must be prepared at all times to what can come.

He now

A few days ago we showed you an app that linking for you. Goodbye to the courtship, to the embarrassment of making a CRUSH! or be the clever one who adds with all the nose of the world. For what? In a world where the digitization is the order of the day, many are those who have opted to download this app and let the mobile what do…? It will be that one is not with technology (could be for this reason that I’m still single…?). The question is, what next? They make us blood tests to meet DNA and select men according to our tastes? I can imagine going to the doctor to find boyfriend… Who knows. Although in my case me closer to see if this looks like one of the de Grey’s Anatomy than anything else (use Dios as they are those men!).

The latest addition to Grey’s Anatomy makes you question why all

What is clear is that the Princes and princesses already not going horseback riding, now go with cell phone in hand or are set in urban streets lost shoes.

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February 1, 2018

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