Install Themes On Iphone-Without Jailbreak

“Owners of iPhones can not customize the user interface of your phone without a ‘jailbreak’!”, it is often said. Or you? We show you how themes work on the iPhone without “Jailbreaking”.

While Android smartphones offer their users from year to year, always more ways to match their Benuzteroberfläche (Launcher, themes, icon packs), this feature from Apple on the track remains. Mobile software iOS the background image you can only change or move the app icons but nothing more. The following trick does help however and allows the individual to make your iPhone you Apple users.

iPhone themes without jailbreak: calling Web page by iSkin and select theme

First you have to call the page in your Safari browser on the iPhone. There you type on then “Browse all themes” and reach the offered iPhone themes. Top right is a number that indicates how many icons it supports in every theme. After you have chosen a theme that you like, scroll it down and tap “Application icons”. Here you can select the apps, for which you want to download the app icons.
Then, a tap on “install icons” downloaded “Icons”. iSkin will now create a configuration profile on your iPhone. To approve it, you type on top left install. Important: After her on “install” you typed, follows a note that the profile is not signed. Back type up “install” and in the pop-up yet again. Then you type in “finished”. You will be redirected back then back to iSkin and after a moment the app icons should have landed on your home screen.
In addition you can download another, suited to the ‘icons’ background picture. Here is the note that your apps will not be replaced, of course with the new icons. Whenever you start an app via a new icon, it opens the shortcut and the application will open.

IPHONE: Themes without jailbreak – so removed her the app icons

To remove the new app icons, you must delete the profile submitted by iSkin. Going to the settings and type in “General” and navigated then “profiles”. There you can select the desired profile and delete your code confirmation, finished.