Intel Mica Smart Watch

Intel enters the market for wearables with Mica, a smart bracelet premium finishes and materials

Undoubtedly, wearables and more specifically the smartwatch will be one of the best sellers this Christmas technological devices. Most manufacturers have already submitted their bet on this new technology category, including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Microsoft and even Intel. Yes, as we hear, the company popularly known as one of the largest manufacturers of processors in the world also wants its piece of cake.

The wearable Intel is called Mica and takes the form of an elegant luxury bracelet now also adds intelligent functions. Although we have included within the category of smartwatch, the Mica could form their own category, smart bracelets.The device has been designed and built in conjunction with the fashion brand Opening Ceremony, so it is quite clear that the claims of the device are much more market-oriented fashion.
Mica public potential is yet to realize, though its design is particularly aimed at women. Unlike smartwatch, the Mica does not incorporate the screen in the external, visible part of the wrist, but it does on the inside. Thus, the visible part of the smart watch is at all times a bracelet luxury in most people ‘s eyes, while its camera part will remain hidden.
Indeed, in their more “intelligent” part, the highlight of this wearable is the incorporation of a SIM card slot, as does the Samsung Gear S. However, unlike the latter, we can not call from our bracelet, but simply receive text messages from our “VIP” list. Vip Ready? Yes, we select what contacts we have on the agenda of Mica, something quite incomprehensible.

Mica, the only smartwatch that does not incorporate or keyboard or voice control, how do we communicate?

Another of the many features of this device, and that practically rule for any users interested in entering the world of smartwatch is that no virtual keyboard or voice control. How do we communicate with others? Simple, through 50 predefined messages incorporating the device or those that we add to the list after synchronization message from our computer to Mica.
The bracelet can alert us our calendar notifications, accept or reject events Facebook or use GPS. Of course, without any direction. As for autonomy, Intel has promised us 48 hours, which places it slightly above most smartwatch.
As noted in Gizmodo, its $ 500 is probably the main stumbling block for the device to reach minimally to take off. However, the Mica only be sold through the fashion Barney’s, so probably your potential buyers will be more interested in design than the “smart” features.